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Naples, 24 April 2015. A fundraising evening for the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George took place at the Circolo della Staffa, with over two hundred and fifty guests attending.

During the event, organised by the Delegation of Naples and Campania, the Delegate, Pierluigi Sanfelice di Bagnoli, delivered the sincere greetings of the Grand Master H.R.H Prince Charles of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Duke of Castro; of the Grand Prefect of the Order, Don Augusto Ruffo di Calabria of the Princes of Scilla; of the Grand Chancellor H.R.H Princess Beatrice of Bourbon-Two Sicilies; and the President of the Region of Campania, Hon. Stefano Caldoro.

A heartfelt thanks was made to Patrizio Rispo who, thanks to his customary attention towards themes of the “last”, organised the very enjoyable musical entertainment by the San Carlo Ensemble. Members of the Delegation of Campania and numerous guests were present.

A warm welcome was extended from all the Knights and Ladies of the Order as well as the guests present, to Randa Ghattas, representative for one of the most important and prestigious Lebanese families, who expressed her feelings and sense of gratitude for the mission completed by the Delegation in Lebanon last month and for the words of the Delegate, Pierluigi Sanfelice.


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la Processione della Domenica delle Palme

San Francesco da Paola, Sunday, March 29, 2015. The Delegation of Naples and Campania of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St. George celebrated the Palm Sunday at the Royal and Pontifical Basilica of San Francesco da Paola in  Plebiscito squre.

The Procession of the Constantinian Knights and Dames with cape and gloves, closed by the Grand Chancellor H.R.H. Princess Beatrice of Bourbon Two Sicilies, accompanied by the Delegate H.E.Marquis Pierluigi Sanfelice di Bagnoli,  started from the Basilica, crossed the Plebiscito square where, after reading the Gospel there was the Blessing of the olive’s Palms and branches.

The Mass was celebrated by the Very Reverend Father Damiano M. La Rosa, of the Minimi and Prior of the Constantinian Delegation.


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Assembly  of Knights and Dames of the Delegation of Campania

Assembly of Knights and Dames of the Delegation of Campania


Napoli, Saturday January 31, 2015 –  This year, as usually it  has taken place the Meeting of the Knights and Dames of the  Delegation of Campania of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St. George. They were present, among the many -the members of the Board of Giulio del  Vaglio, Carlo Guardascione, Donatella and Valeria Pessetti, Raimondo Zampaglione and the Councelors  ad acta Diego Napolitano and  Giulio Rolando – Januaria Imperiali of  Francavillla, Marco Crisconio, Fulvia Filangieri de’Candida Gonzaga, Antonio Mottola di Amato, Maurizio Scoppa, Luciana de Luca, Francesco and Adelaide Giusso del Galdo, Vincenzo Scarano Ussani, Diego Vivarelli von Lobstein, Eugenio Donadoni, Emiddio de Franciscis, Diego Boscarelli, Pasquale Manzo, Pasquale de Angelis, Giovanni Salemi and many others.

The short but dense report of  the Delegate Pierluigi Sanfelice di Bagnoli has brought to a live debate, from which they some interesting proposals emerged:

Paola Rolando took the floor first and has highlighted the  will of some Dames and friends of the Order to organize twice a month a meeting of three hours (from 15.30 to 18.30) in the halls of the Basilica of S. Francesco da Paola with children aged from six to ten, children of immigrants; the cycle, should have an  emblematic title “Meet to grow together ” to increase the knowledge of the Italian language, civics, and why not, the pleasure of playing together.

Luigi Andreozzi, then, proposed the establishment of a new  service,  after the creation of a multifunctional clinic in 2011; he imagines the creation of a “door” as a  point  where  supply and demand for job can meet (jobs such as driver, concierge, personal security officer).

Giuliano Capecelatro di  Morrone has instead proposed to create a  “Cultural Department” to take part to the events planned in the city to recover more and more the cultural traditions of Napoli.

The Mayor of Ciorlano Mauro Di Stefano proposed the birth of a literary competition to be organized in the schools toawaken consciousness even in small villages on the border between Campania and Molise.

The Very Reverend Don Luigi Castiello first wished the Delegation to be able to pervade more and more the whole  Campania with its action, and then announced the organization of four concerts, which will be held in the name o the Order on March 30, June 30, September 30 and December 30 at the Gerolamini buildings..

Pio Tartaglia  pointed out how important is to increase the  awareness and interconnection between the Knights of the Delegation, including through aggregating moments and occasions.

Flavia Fumo proposed finally the Institute of Culture of the South in Chiatamone street  as the seat for the activities of Constantinian Delegation, obtaining the immediate approval of its President Gennaro Famiglietti who was present at S. Francesco da Paola.

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San Giorgio a Cremano: distribution of gift packs

San Giorgio a Cremano: distribution of gift packs


San Giorgio a Cremano – December 20, 2014. An important event for the distribution of gift packs to those who live in a state of strong economic difficulty. The Knight Ciro Di Giacomo, assisted by a group of his associates, provided for the collection of food, at supermarkets DECO of San Giorgio a Cremano and grocery stores of the Ciccarelli and Festante Groups.

They were collected, pasta, rice, cereals, flour, long-life milk, baby food, biscuits and baby products, canned and dried vegetables.

These packaged products have been distributed during a ceremony at the presence of our Delegate and the city authorities. The program was held with the meeting between the Marchese Pierluigi Sanfelice di Bagnoli and the mayor; the mayor of San Giorgio a Cremano Dott. Domenico Giorgiano, at the headquarters of the CAF association in Painter street  where there was a  greeting toast  followed by the distribution of  gift packs.

San Giorgio a Cremano is a town of about 4 square kilometers, and a population density of 49,000 inhabitants resident. Its origins are in the ancient village of Cambrano where it  was built a church dedicated to Saint George, while another village of the town was developed around the Church of Santa Maria del Principio. In the second half of the 600 the two villages were joined  creating the city of San Giorgio a Cremano. The many devotees of St. George carried the statue in procession at the foot of the erupting Vesuvius to get its protection and have saved their city. Every year the feast of the lava commemorates the intercession of the saint.

An area highly valued its past as resort where very beautiful and  important villas and palaces were built also  thanks to the presence not far of the Palace of Portici, where the Bourbon family spent her summers.


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