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Vibo Valentia, Calabria.

On Tuesday, December the 19th, the chaplain of Vibo Valentia Monsignor Filippo Ramondino held the Holy Mass in preparation for Christmas at the church of Mary Most Holy of the Rosary and Saint John Baptist.

During the celebration, the commemoration of the dear departed brother Noble Knight Giuseppe Spizzirri Marzo, representing the city of Cosenza, was also held. His noble origins and fortitude were remarked, for they allowed his strong engagement to stand out amongst the Delegation initiatives.

On Friday, December the 15th, the Delegation celebrated the Holy Mass in memory of the Noble Knight Doc. Giuseppe Spizzirri Marzo, representing the city of Cosenza, prematurely passed away on December the 9th.

The commemoration was held at the Holy Mary of Candelora Parish located in the old town of Reggio Calabria and was officiated by the Prior Vicar of the Delegation, Monsignor Luigi Cannizzo.

The celebration, which was attended by many Knights and Dames, was closed with the Prayer of the Constantinian Knight, read by the Vice Delegate, the Great Officer Doc. Aurelio Bandolati.

Last December the 7th in Reggio Calabria, upon the invitation of Sister Rosanna Sicoli, Regional Inspector of the Calabria Mobility Center – Italian Red Cross Unit of Volunteer Nurses -, the Delegation participated in the ceremony for the anniversary of the Italian Red Cross Unit of Voluteer Nurses establishment.

The National Inspector Sister Emilia Bruna Scarcella also participated in the event.

Last December the 27th, the Delegation Calabria, along with the Cultural Association Due Sicilie of Gioiosa Ionica (Reggio Calabria), commemorated Francis II of the Two Sicilies, the last Bourbon sovereign of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, the same day of his passing in Arco di Trento back in 1894. In order to highlight his role, both cultural and religious initiatives were taken; a book regarding the history of the Two Sicilies was presented and a commemorative Mass was held. The book was displayed by the President of the Due Sicilie Association Professor Mariolina Spataro, who also curated the preface, and Professor Nicola La Barbera, one of the authors.

At the end of the presentation, the participants moved to the church of Saint Rocco where the Knight of Ecclesiastical Grace Father Nicola Commisso Meleca officiated the Eucharist in memory of Francis II.

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