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Reggio Calabria, 24th May 2024 – On the occasion of the festivity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Help of Christians, the Calabria Delegation decided to join in a solidarity and shared gesture by organising a donation of 50 hot meals, for the needy families assisted by Caritas in the Parish of Santa Maria della Candelora. With the blessing of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Help of Christians, the Delegation proved that love and solidarity can make a difference, brightening even the dark moments with the light of hope and sharing. For this reason, the Delegation thanks Knight Antonio Campolo, without whom this donation could not have taken place.

Also this year, on the occasion of the Feast of Corpus Christi, the Kinghts and Dames living in Cosenza had the honour of welcoming the arrival of the Holy Cross in the Parish of Santa Teresa, led by Monsignor Dario de Paola, Chaplain for the city of Cosenza.
The procession, led by the Archbishop, passed through the streets of the city among the crowds of the faithful who, in reverence, witnessed their attachment and devotion to it.

In reaction to another migrants’ landing on June the 8th, the Calabria Delegation decided to make a significant donation of food and clothing to the Italian Red Cross, with the aim of providing immediate and concrete assistance to those who need it most. The donation, carried out in Roccella Jonica’s port, was organised thanks to the collaboration with the committee “riviera dei gelsomini” of the Italian Red Cross in Roccella Jonica, and included a wide range of non-perishable food, clothing suitable for all ages, toys for children and essential items.

Friday 14th June 2024, the Calabria Delegation was invited to participate in the return of the Judith and Holofernes painting to the church of Maria Santissima del Rosario in Bagnara Calabra. The invitation was offered by Angelo Ruggiero, Prior of the Archconfraternity of Maria Santissima del Rosario, in order to worthily thank the Constantinian Order for its commitment to the project of restoring the painting.

“A day between art and faith”, this was the formula used to announce the beautiful initiative that gathered together almost the entire Calabria Delegation in Bisignano. In the city’s cathedral a liturgical service was held and celebrated by the parish priest and archpriest Father Giulio Cesare De Rosis and Monsignor Dario De Paola, Chaplain of the Cosenza Representation, during which the Delegate and Vicar Delegate officiated two new nominations. Afterwards, the participants were able to admire the precious Museo Diocesano di Arte Sacra. The visit then ended at the convent of Sant’Umile.

The Vicar Delegate of Calabria region, Knight Grand Cross of Merit Aurelio Badolati, and the Representative for the city of Crotone, Knight of Grace Antonio Oliverio, first offered, then cooked and finally served hot meals to about 160 people at the Crotone soup kitchen.

Once again, just a few days later, the Knights and Dames living in Crotone returned to the “Padre Pio” soup kitchen, created by Monsignor Pancrazio Limina. Thanks to the active commitment of Confrere Vito Michele De Caro, Knight of Merit, a hundred kilograms of pulses and cereals were delivered, which will then be cooked in various ways, to be served to about 150 people.

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