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On 7 November, a group of Knights of the Delegation of Calabria took part in the Eucharistic celebration in memory of the Order’s deceased. The event was held in Reggio Calabria, in the Parish Santa Maria della Candelora. The mass was celebrated by Father Luigi Cannizzo, Vice Prior of the Delegation. The memory of the recently deceased Dames, Knights and volunteers, including Carlo Casile, father of the Knight Officer Antonio Casile, was touching.

Reggio Calabria, 17 November – A group of Knights of the Delegation of Calabria visited the Institute “Figlie di Maria Immacolata” in Reggio Calabria. The ancient building in Via Trabocchetto, formerly used as an orphanage and foster home, is now also home to the Day Care Centre of the “La Provvidenza onlus” Foundation. Knights and Dames of the Delegation, together with the representatives of the Foundation, took part in the Holy Mass, celebrated by Monsignor Luigi Cannizzo, Vice Prior of the Delegation, at the Chapel inside the Institute. An important moment of sharing and dialogue on the values of solidarity and commitment towards those who are suffering most followed. The meeting also represented a great occasion to donate a workstation with furniture and IT equipment for a disabled girl, user of the Centre.

On Saturday 27 November, the Delegation of Calabria donated some foodstuffs to the family home “il seme della speranza” located in Terranova Sappio Minulio (RC). Currently, the facility houses 6 minors and their mothers. It is aimed at spreading the culture of hospitality and supportive families by welcoming people in need of assistance and support because of family and/or social deficiencies.

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