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Last 6 August, the Calabria Delegation organized a day in the sign of Faith and Culture in Altomonte (CS). The event, coordinated by Knight of Grace Nob. Roberto Campolongo, began with a visit to the Mother Church of Santa Maria della Consolazione, built by the Sangineto and continued with the visit to the Civic Museum, formerly the Dominican Convent, built by Covella Ruffo in Sanseverino. The walk continued to the Altomonte Castle, also built by the Sanseverino family. The large representation of the Constantinian militia, led by Delegate Comm. of Justice Nob. Gianpietro dei Principi Sanseverino of the Barons of Marcellinara, as well as the Vice Delegate Grand Off. Aurelio Badolati and the representative for the city of Cosenza Noble Knight Giuseppe Spizziri-Marzo, then held a cultural seminar, held inside the council room of the local Municipality. At the end of the symposium, the Delegate, in thanking the Mayor for the welcome received and the speakers for their speeches, announced the organization of a pilgrimage on the “footsteps” of Saint Francis of Paola, patron of Calabria and co-patron of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, whose participants will follow the same path that the Saint did, starting from Paola, reaching Milazzo. Finally, the Altomontese day ended with a moment of prayer at the monastic complex dedicated to the Pauline saint in which a Holy Mass was celebrated by Father Luigi Barbati.

Knight Antonino Rosario Campolo, last 10 August, donated 50 hot meals to the parish Caritas of the metropolitan city of Reggio Calabria, which were distributed to the most needy people.

On 17 August, in the charming church dedicated to Saint Nicholas Bishop in Cotronei, the parish priest, Father Francesco Spadola, celebrated the liturgical function, also recalling how it was Monsignor Luigi Mondello, Prior of the Calabria delegation, to entrust him with tasks of great cultural importance, at the time when he was president of the Episcopal Conference of Calabria.
As usual, the religious service was accompanied by a donation of fresh and long-term food and supplies of comfort and basic necessities that were destined for the parish Caritas canteen. At the initiative of the Constantinian representation the Vice Delegate Grand Officer Aurelio Badolati and the Knights of Grace Nicholas and Antonio Oliverio, representative for the city of Crotone were present. The latter addressed a message of thanks to the pastor and the community of the faithful.

On August 17, Knight Giacomo Currò donated food and basic necessities to the Convent dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padua, run by the Capuchin Friars of Lauria. The donation will be distributed to the needy of the district. The Convent and its Friars are a point of reference for the local community, since it was founded in 1617. The head of the convent, Father Teodoro Pullez, in thanking the delegation for what has been done, pointed out the numerous emergency situations of the territory. The Delegation, always attentive to requests for help from local ecclesiastical authorities, will engage in new donations in particular in the upper Cosentino in the near future.

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