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Canna (CS), August 10th, 2019 – The Calabrian delegation met in Canna to honor the Venerable Chapel under the title of Sant’Antonio Abate of Vienna.

 The event’s goal was to spread awareness about the aristocratic chapel belonging to the Bruni-Campolongo family; it was a research work carried out by Mr. Roberto Campolongo on religious sources contained in a short booklet that will be published soon. On this occasion, the delegation of Calabria, led by the vice delegate, showed its proximity to the territory, visiting the historic center of the city of Oriolo and in particular the Duomo. Then, the sumptuous castle of Oriolo was visited. After the visit to Oriolo Castle, the mayor of Oriolo and the vice delegate decided to plan a path of spiritual growth and of cultural and historical promotion of the village, through the organisation of a second “day of Christianity”, scheduled for August 10th, 2020 in Oriolo, where a debate will take place on local history and Christianity, accompanied by a concert and enriched by a buffet.

 Afterwards, the knights and dames of the Order marched in a short procession in the historic center of Canna and were then welcomed by Father Pierfrancesco Diego.

 The residents of Canna, the CISOM delegation of Cosenza (Italian Order of Malta Relief Corps) and other local officials attended.

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