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Conference  – “BOURBON REGGIO 1734 – 1861”  EXHIBITION

Conference – “BOURBON REGGIO 1734 – 1861” EXHIBITION

Convegno - Reggio borbonica

Reggio Calabria, 25 October 2015. Organised by the Delegation of Calabria of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George and the “Ministry for Culture, Heritage and Tourism”, a convention/exhibition titled “Bourbon Reggio 1734-1861” was held at the “State Archive” in Reggio Calabria.

This key event, by presenting previously unknown historical material and by featuring a series of talks given by illustrious guests, has helped to retrace the history of the relations established between the city of Reggio and the Kingdom of Two-Sicilies in the past, which is a little-known topic in the field of historiography.

The meeting, which drew large numbers of people and was attended by representatives of various associations as well as by Knights and Benemerenti of the same Order, was opened by the Vice Delegate for Calabria of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George, Mr Aurelio Badolati, Commander. Also speaking at the event were Mr Emanuele Nazario Scarlata, Knight of Merit; Councillor Eduardo Lamberti Castronuovo,  Head of the Department for Culture for the Province of Reggio; Professor Maria Carmelo Spadaro from the University of Naples ‘Federico II’; Ms Maria Giuseppina Marra, Director of the State Archive in Reggio Calabria. At the end of the conference, following the customary ceremonial cutting of the ribbon, an inauguration event marked the beginning of the exhibition which displayed previously unknown texts.




Convegno - Mostra_Reggio borbonica

Convegno - Reggio borbonica

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