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On tuesday, July 11, at the ancient hospital library Sala Colonne, the ceremony of delivery of coats- over eighty – donated by the representation of Piacenza to volunteers of the Avo – association hospital volunteers was held. In front of a large audience, the President of the avo Anna Boccellari described the activities of the association, aimed mainly at the service of hospitalized patients and guests in nursing homes. Anna Boccellari continued by stressing that the donation of white coats, which the volunteers will wear in hospital during their service, is a very important gesture on the part of the Order, represented for the occasion by the Vice Delegate of Emilia Romagna, Knight Pietro Coppelli, who in this way has concretely realized the much desired collaboration between voluntary associations. The Vice Delegate expressed words of praise towards the volunteers of Avo, and satisfaction for the donation that the Knights and Dames of Piacenza wanted to make. The Vice Prior Don Stefano Antonelli blessed the coats, which bear both the logos of the Association and the Constantinian Order.

Ferrara, Saturday 10 June 2023. A donation was made to the Association of volunteers “Servizio Accoglienza alla Vita” – SAV of Ferrara, which works for assistance and help to mothers and families in difficulty. Knight Davide Zamboni, coordinated with Knight Representative of Ecclesiastical Grace Don Davide Benini, accompanied the volunteer Matteo Zaganelli who collected, together with his family, an important amount of food, clothing, shoes, toys, books and stationery for children.

Ferrara, Sunday, June 11, 2023. As part of the charitable activities of the Representation, the Knights Davide Zamboni and Antonio Ombra, thanks to the commitment of the Volunteers Chessa Walter and Emanuele, coordinating with the Representative Knight of Ecclesiastical Grace Don Davide Benini, have delivered accessories and groceries – for a quantity of more than 200 kg – to the “Refuge of the National League for the Defense of the Dog” of Ferrara. This association deals, through its volunteers, with the defense and assistance of dogs that are welcomed in the shelter to encourage adoption. The delivery was attended by the President, Mr. Francesca Guglielmini, together with some volunteers.

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