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On the occasion of the Holy Easter, the Knights and Dames of the Delegation of Emilia-Romagna Piacenza gathered in the Library of the Convent of the Franciscans order of St Mary of the Campaign to donate more than one houndred bags (with the Order’s logo on it) containing various kind of foodstuff, destined to vunerable families. In these hard times, exacerbated by the inflaction on commodities, this concrete gesture of solidarity made by the Knights of the Order is a strong message of support to all these people and families who are going through rough times. The Vice Prior of the Delegation Father Stefano Antonelli, helped by Father Secondo Bellati, Superior of the Friars Minor and guardian of the convent, blessed the bags and said some prays together with the Knights. The Vice Delegate, Knight Pietro Coppelli, wanted to pay his respects to the Delegate Esq. Corrado Sforza Fogliani, Knight Grand Cross, who played an important role in the affirmation of the delegation in area surrounding Piacenza. The Vice Prior Father Stefano Antonelli read the letter that the Grand Prior of the Order, Cardinal Renato Raffaele Martino, had sent to all Knights and Dames on the occasion of the Holy Easter.

Ferrara, February 18th 2023 – During the first months of this year we have resumed with the charity activities of our Delegation which is already coordinated by the Representative Father Davide Benini. On Saturday, February 18th, 2023, two important donations were made to the voluntary association “Servizio Accoglienza alla Vita” – SAV of Ferrara (Servizio di Accoglienza alla Vita of Ferrara), that provides assistance to mothers and families that are having an hard time. Following the requests during Christmas time, the volounteer Matteo Zaganelli donated toys, accesorizes and children’s clothes for children and their mothers. While, the Knight Davide Zamboni offered a new washing machine which will be used in the new SAV’s appartment for needy people. Also SAV’s representatives and volounteers, that took care of the gifts participated at the ceremony.

Ferrara, March 16th 2023 – A donation was made to the the voluntary association “Servizio Accoglienza alla Vita” – SAV of Ferrara, that provides help to needy mothers and families. The volounteer Matteo Zaganelli, together with the Knight Davide Zamboni and the Knight Father Davide Benini, donated toys, children’s clothes, foodstuff and, awaiting for the Holy Easter, Easter eggs and other typical Italian desserts. Furthermore, they also donated a particular lamp and some forniture for the SAV’s appartment for needy people.

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