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Mons. Arnaldo Morandi, Secretary General of the Grand Prior’s office, presided over the mass in San Dalmazio in suffrage of Corrado Sforza Fogliani thirty days after his death, accompanied by Father Stefano Antonelli and Mons. Celso Dosi, respectively Vice Prior and Knight of the delegation of Emilia Romagna and by Father Davide Maloberti, director of “Il Nuovo Giornale”.
Mons. Morandi spoke to Mr. Sforza Fogliani’s wife, Maria Antonietta and to his daughter Maria Paola, renewing the Order’s grief and communicating that on the same morning Card. Martino had celebrated, in his private chapel in the Vatican, a mass in suffrage of the man that held the role of Delegate of the Order in Emilia Romagna for many years. Knights and Dames of the Order of Piacenza and other districts took part in the religious ceremony. President Giuseppe Nenna attended this ceremony on behalf of Piacenza’s Bank directors.
The Vice Delegate of Emilia Romagna Knight Pietro Coppelli has ensured continuity of action of the Regional Delegation in the path traced by Dr. Sforza Fogliani, while respecting the principles of the Catholic faith and of the acts of charity made in favour of the disvantaged people. Dr. Coppelli has expressed feelings of closeness and grief to the family on behalf of H.R.H. Prince Charles of Bourbon Two Sicilies, Duke of Castro, Grand Master and read a message of Mons. Gianni Ambrosio, Prior of the Delegation Emilia Romagna.
On this occasion, the honorary title of Knight Grand Cross of Grace that H.R.H. the Grand Master had assigned to Esq. Sforza Fogliani over the last months has been delivered to his wife, Prof. De Micheli, for his commitment in the valorization of the Delegation’s activities.

The appointment diploma was delivered to Commander of the Military Academy of Modena. The ceremony of investiture took place at the end of November, in the hall of honor of the Academy.
Besides of the Vice Delegate Dr. Coppelli and of the Commander, the ceremony was attended also by the Representative of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Knight Grand Cross of Merit Ilario Pagani.
Moreover, the ceremony was attended by some Knights of Modena and by the Military Chaplain of the Academy.

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