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Palermo, September 2015. The Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George is always on the frontline for humanitarian action, and this time it has supported the Badagliacca family on their “journey of hope” from Palermo to Florence for the treatment of their little boy who suffers from a serious illness.

The Order’s intervention is part of the united, humanitarian objective which is primarily pursued by coordinating our forces, as well as through the work of all the Delegations, and directing them towards the project “The Hunger of our Neighbour”. Our “neighbour” is intended in an evangelical sense, as in the people around us.

The Constantinian Knights are required to look out for the primary needs of those who live around them and who, too often because of their vicinity, are not given particular attention.

This was the case for this family in need who felt abandoned by their local area, the Municipality of Palermo, which was lacking the funds to be able to support them, causing some debate over “the costs of healthcare in the south and the lack of funds for families in need”.

For this reason, the Order intervened, as it is very sensitive to the topic of childhood and as an enterprise it has strong roots in the area, successfully managing to help and provide for the Badagliacca family’s request.

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