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Corte Franca (BS), 7 December 2021 – Knight Giuseppe Scolaro, together with the volunteers of Caritas in Corte Franca, bought basic foodstuffs and hygiene products and delivered them to Father Francesco Gasparotti at the Parish “Santa Maria Assunta di Colombaro” in Corte Franca. The volunteers of Caritas group, excited by the important donation, thanked Knight Scolaro with a kind gesture. Father Francesco Gasparotti expressed his satisfaction for the charitable work of the Constantinian Order carried out by generous Knights.

Milan, 10 December 2021 – In the historic Constantinian church “San Giorgio al Palazzo” in Milan, Noble Dr. Giuseppe Rizzani, Delegate of Lombardy, and Monsignor Arnaldo Morandi, Prior of the Delegation, convened the Knights and Dames of the Order for the traditional pre-Christmas meeting. The Holy Mass was presided over by Mgr Gianni Zappa, Dean of the metropolitan city of Milan and celebrated by the parish priest of the pastoral community of San Giorgio, San Lorenzo and Sant’Eustorgio Father Luca Camisana and by Mgr Morandi. The ceremony was attended by illustrious Confreres, H.R.H. Archduke Martin of Habsburg Este, Bailiff Grand Cross of Justice and member of the Royal Deputation, Honorable Gabriele Albertini, Knight Grand Cross of Merit and Representative of the metropolitan city of Milan, Noble Lawyer Diego Zoia and Noble Andrea Rivoira, Knights of Grace, members of the Delegation Council. General Alfonso Miro, Commander of Merit and Commander of Lombardy, Daniela Missaglia, Dame Commander of Merit, Grand Officer Alberto Di Maria, Delegate of the Orders of the Royal House of Savoy of Lombardy. Bishop Zappa’s homily was particularly appreciated. At the end, Noble Dr Rizzani conferred diplomas and awards. After the celebration, there was a reception at the “Società del Giardino”, attended by President Engineer Lorenzo Fiori and former President Lawyer Knight Massimo Cerutti.

Curtatone (MN), 14 December 2021 – At the request of specific support from the “San Giovanni Bosco” Family Home of the “Comunità Giovanni XXIII” Association in collaboration with the diocesan Caritas, the Mantua representative Knight Officer Maurizio Mirandola, together with Knight Giuseppe Scolaro, acquired and delivered products for personal hygiene, household and foodstuffs to the referent Mrs Eleonora Pisani.

Iseo (BS), 15 December 2021 – Knight Giuseppe Scolaro acquired and donated to the Diocesan Caritas of Iseo 100 litres of extra virgin olive oil, 100 litres of milk, 100 kg of coarse and fine salt, 60 kg of sugar and 25 kg of Grana Padano cheese. The products were handed over to the parish priest of Iseo, Father Giuliano Baronio and the coordinator of Caritas Iseo, Mrs Flora Boldrini.

Brescia, 20 December 2021 – As part of the programme of cooperation with the Diocesan Caritas and following a recommendation by Father Marco Mori, Knight Officer Maurizio Mirandola delivered foodstuffs from the food collection carried out by volunteers at Conad supermarkets for various families and elderly people assisted by the parish itself.

Brescia, 21 December 2021 – At the request of “Padri Separati” community at the Franciscan Fathers in Brescia, Knight Maurizio Mirandola and Luciano Mazzola delivered to the referent Father Fiorenzo Reati several foodstuffs, coming from the food collection carried out by the volunteers at Conad supermarkets, which will be used to support the assisted guests.

Brescia, 21 December 2021 – His Most Reverend Excellency Pierantonio Tremolada, Bishop of Brescia, received in audience a representation of Knights and Dames for Christmas greetings. The delegation, led by Noble Giuseppe Rizzani, Delegate of Lombardy, and Prior Monsignor Arnaldo Morandi, was composed of Knight Officer Maurizio Mirandola, Representative of Mantua, Knight of Grace Pierluigi Russo, Commander Damiano Zamboni, Knight Officer Arturo Bettoni, Knight Officer Gianni Paroni, Knight Officer Benedetto Magro, Dame Officer Daniela Ambrosi, Dame Officer Laura Salvatore Nocivelli and Knight Alessandro Betta. Bishop Morandi introduced all those present to the Bishop and gave him the annual report of the delegation’s charitable initiatives. A charitable contribution and a valuable bas-relief representing the Immaculate Conception were then offered to the Bishop. The Delegate then took the floor, offering Monsignor Tremolada the warm greetings of the whole delegation and the gift of a bronze medallion celebrating the Basilica “San Giorgio al Palazzo” in Milan and the edict of Constantine promulgated there. In his final greetings, Archbishop Tremolada blessed those present with a holy rosary bearing the episcopal coat of arms.

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