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Prevalle (BS), 6 June 2023 – Knight Romano Savi and the decorated Francesca Ghidini have acquired plastic footwear, then sent them to the Taghetti and Chiari Foundation for subsequent delivery, together with other material, to the families of Reggio Emilia.
The material was donated by the company Risemousse Lumezzane (BS) in the person of Mr. Marco Gnali.

On 22 May 1948 Gaetano Bonicelli was ordained priest, his Vilminore celebrated him with a Sunday of great celebration.
The Archbishop emeritus of Siena, Colle Val d’Elsa and Montalcino, military ordinary for Italy, Grand Cross of the Constantinian Order, at the age of 99, was celebrated with a solemn celebration presided over by Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, President emeritus of the Italian Episcopal Conference and Archbishop emeritus of Perugia, concelebrated by Card. Francesco Coccopalmerio, from Archbishop Santo Marcianò, Military Ordinary for Italy by Bishop Domenico Sigalini, emeritus of Palestrina, as well as other Bishops and numerous priests.
Representatives of the Carabinieri Corps, the Italian Red Cross Voluntary Nurses and the Order’s Lombardy delegation were present, in particular the Delegate for Lombardy Nob. Dr. Giuseppe dei Conti Rizzani accompanied by Nob Esq. Diego Zoia, member of the Delegation Board and Dame Veronica Grillo, former Representative of Bergamo. Count Rizzani paid homage to the celebrated bronze medal minted by the Lombardy delegation for the anniversary of the Edict of Milan and, as Director of the Gebetsliga for Italy, handed over to Card. Bassetti, who showed deep appreciation and gratitude, the medal of the centenary of Blessed Charles of Austria.

Thursday, June 8, 2023, feast of Corpus Christi.
A group of Knights of the delegation was invited by the diocese of Brescia to the feast and the city procession of Corpus Christi, presided over by Bishop H.E. Mons. Pierantonio Tremolada with the participation of the highest civil and military authorities, numerous religious and faithful. The representation had the honor of being led by the Delegate of Lombardy Nob. Dr. Giuseppe dei Conti Rizzani while the Prior Mons. Arnaldo Morandi was among the concelebrant clergy. The group of Knights was also constituted by the illustrious confreres: Nob. Dr. Paolo Landriani, Nob. Dr. Pierluigi Russo, Knight Of. Maurizio Mirandola, Dame Laura Salvatore Nocivelli, Knight Alfio Remondina, Knight Fabio Serravalle, Knight Romano Savi. Knight Giuseppe Navoni, Dame Chiara Brescianini, Knight Giuseppe Scolaro and Knight Carlo Ambrosetti.

Cremona – The Knight of Merit Claudio Bressani, after a journey of preparation and study, was ordained a priest for the church of Cremona by Bishop H.E. Mons. Antonio Napolioni.

Cremona, 11 June 2023 – The generosity of the faithful immediately responded to the appeal launched by the Capuchin friars of the convent in Via Brescia, Cremona: the collection of food, promoted last June 11 on the churchyard of the church of San Giuseppe in the presence of volunteers of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order, was a real success. Between morning and afternoon, providence was manifested in the face of those who have spontaneously and in abundance bestowed. Of the Constantinian Order were present at the banquet for the collection: the Lady Triboldi Daniela, member of the council of the delegation, Cassinelli Father Andrea, Knight of Ecclesiastical Grace; Barber Dino Knight office, Faverzani Mauro Knight of merit, volunteers Federico, Andrea, Roberto and Mrs Grazia.

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