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On Sunday, 28 January in Lanzo D’Intelvi, after the Holy Mass celebrated by the Commander of Ecclesiastical Grace Monsignor Luigi Mistò during the celebration for the 350th anniversary of the Sanctuary of Madonna di Loreto, the Delegate Count Giuseppe Rizzani and the Como representative Costantino Canevali awarded the gold medal of merit to the Committee led by Brother Gabriele Lombardo. In 2014, the Order donated a scagliola bas-relief by Floriano Bodini and a publication on the church history.

San Gervasio Bresciano, 1st february 2024. In the presence of the Prior of the Delegation and Parish Priest of the “Chiesa dei SS Gervasio e Protasio Martiri” of San Gervasio Bresciano and the Secretary of the Delegation, Knight Grand Officer Maurizio Mirandola, the Constantinian Order and the Foundation “Tanghetti and Chiari” handed over a large quantity of modelling clay, useful for the students works to the Foundation “Scuola Materna Barbara Ferrazzi”, which hosts 120 children from nursery to pre-school age. The entire school attended the event: the teachers, the teacher coordinator Debora Lazzari, the staff, the secretary Mrs. Domenica Mantelli, and above all the little children, who showed all their joy and enthusiasm.

Brescia, January 2024. The supply of basic necessities to the Ukrainian population continues. Dame Officer  Katia Chiari, president of “Tanghetti & Chiari Onlus” foundation, assisted by the representation of Brescia, has procured a large quantity of goods: food products also for children, clothing, linen, various pieces of furniture and household appliances, which were then transported to refugee reception areas, both on the border and on the Ukrainian territory, through humanitarian corridors.

Lombardy, Brescia, 15th february 2024. A group of Knights and Dames, made up of Knight Vincenzo Arici, Knight of Justice Paolo Landriani, Dame Katia Chiari, Dame Laura Salvatore Nocivelli and Knight Benedetto Magro, took part in the solemn pontifical ceremony of the Bishop of Brescia H.E. Mons. Pierantonio Tremolada. All the city authorities and many faithful people were present.

On 2 February, Mons. Gianni Zappa and Mons. Luigi Misto’ celebrated a Mass in favour of H.R.H. Archduchess Margherita of Austria Este on the second anniversary of her passing and of her sister H.R.H. Princess Maria Cristina of Bourbon Two Sicilies, who passed away recently.

Lombardy- Brescia, Parish of San Gervasio Bresciano – During the Holy Mass on the first Sunday of Lent, in the parish of Saint Martyrs Gervasio and Protasio, Father Charbel El Khoury, a Lebanese monk of the Maronite Order, presided over the liturgy. Father Charbel is the coordinator of the collection of medicines destined for the current difficult socio-economic situation in Lebanon for Italy. The initiative, proposed by Father Pierantonio Bodini to Prior Fatherr Arnaldo Morandi, immediately found the availability and approval of the Delegate of Lombardy. This morning, medicines collected by parishioners in recent weeks were brought to the altar, as much material has already been delivered in recent months. In addition to the pharmacological material collected, an important donation of special medicines was made by Postulant Marino Appodia.

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