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Mother’s Day: Salvamme and the Constantinian Order give a concrete help to mothers in need

Mother’s Day: Salvamme and the Constantinian Order give a concrete help to mothers in need

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Salvamme and the Constantinian Order have created a “community of women who love themselves” with a training course on parenting, psychological assistance and self-care

Because of the pandemic, many women have lost their jobs or can not choose between a career and taking care of their children. Some of them do not have any help from their spouse or partners. There was even an increase of 15% in cases of postpartum depression; this has happened since the concern was doubled by the perception of responsibility towards their child. Being aware of the need for support and listening in difficult times, the Constantinian Order, guided by H.R.H. Prince Charles of Bourbon Two Sicilies and supported by the Neapolitan delegation, headed by Marquise Federica de Gregorio Cattaneo di Sant’Elia, involving the association Salvamamme, which for more than twenty years has been caring for mothers, women and fragile families, has promoted the creation of a “Center for psychological support for mothers” aimed at creating a community of women who “never stop to love themselves”.

The idea is to create a training course and psychological assistance dedicated to needy mothers, carried out in the form of a webinar by Mrs. Katia Pacelli, psychologist and general director of the association Salvamamme, in collaboration with a team of doctors, educators, psychologists and beauty experts, which will focus on the problems of parenting in the Covid era, also addressing the notions of first aid and “self-care”. Indeed, starting from the conviction that caring for oneself, not only internally, leads mothers to develop greater self-esteem and, consequently, also greater openness towards their child, a Community of mothers and women will be created, with a lot of space also on the topic of self-care, discussed in the broadest way in an open talk with the intervention of Dr. Elena Aceto di Capriglia, pharmacist and president of Medspa, headed by Miamo, during which mothers will have the opportunity to ask for advice. The partner of the initiative will also be the renowned brand, which has developed a platform dedicated to the project, and which will promote the collection of subscriptions to participate in the webinar by putting people interested in creating the community in contact with the organizers and will donate to Salvamamme 150 kits for women.

With the conviction that “the health emergency has not yet been overcome and that fear, forced social isolation and lifestyle changes have triggered stress reactions in families and the typical anxieties of parents about not protecting their children”, Princess Camilla of Bourbon Two Sicilies, Ambassador of the association chaired by Mrs. Grazia Passeri, will launch the initiative on the occasion of Mother’s Day, with Miamo’s commitment to make a charitable donation of €1,00 to support the Order and Salvamme for each product sold on in the period from May 9th to May 31st, 2021.

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