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On Thursday 22nd of December, with the approach of Holy Christmas, Dame Nunzia Sannino, accompanied by Knights Luigi de Angelis and Antonello Amaddeo of the delegation of Naples and Campania directed by Marquess Federica de Gregorio Cattaneo, have visited the Inn of Emmaus at the oratory of San Domenico Savio owned by Father Incoronato in Ercolano.
The Emmaus’s Inn and the oratory of San Domenico Savio have been dealing since 2006 with fragile, disadvantaged and disabled children.
The Dame Sannino, the Knight De Angelis and the Knight Amaddeo have donated, with the permission of the delegation, a large collection of teaching materials, stationery and board games for children and young people of the oratory.
The collection was given to Father Incoronato in the presence of the many children, who were very surprised and delighted for the many gifts. Father Incoronato showed the oratory and the entire center to the Knights and the Dame and then thanked the Dame, the Knights and the delegation for the donation they really needed. He invited the delegation to visit the Church of Santa Maria del Pilar of the late ‘600 located in Ercolano as soon as possible.

Salerno, 22nd of December 2022 – An initiative of solidarity has been put in place to reach the needy brothers of the Village of Esteban and its communities located in the city of Salerno. 30 kg of nuggets in 250 g tuft bags and 10 kg of peeled for Christmas lunch in the family home Tamburo di Latta and in the community housing Tana di Dimitri were delivered by the Knights Raffaele Fattopace e Gaetano Locci.
They donated, in addition to foodstuffs, also 30 Epiphany stocking for the children of the village that were delivered on January 6.

Naples, 22nd of December 2022, Castle De Vita.
A donation of toys to several communities of needy children was held during the traditional Christmas lunch organized in collaboration with Anna di Biase and the Sisters of the Convent of Santa Patrizia.
The toys were delivered and distributed by the Delegate, Marquess Federica de Gregorio Cattaneo.

Naples, 27th of December, Victory Cathedral.
On December 27th, as per tradition, the Mass of Suffrage was held in memory of the last King of the Two Sicilies Francis II of Bourbon.
The Mass was organized by the association Il Giglio, in collaboration with the Neo-bourbon movement, under the patronage of the Royal House of Bourbon Two Sicilies. The Delegate Federica de Gregorio Cattaneo read a message from H.R.H. the Head of the Royal House and Grand Master, in the presence of the numerous Constantinian Knights.

After the Mass of Suffrage for Francis II, a small auspicious toast was held at the home of Leopoldo and Federica de Gregorio Cattaneo with the participation of the Knights of the delegation who had attended the Mass, together with the representatives of the Giglio Foundation, the representatives of the First Regiment King, and those belonging to the Neo-bourbon mouvement. The Vice Prior and Rector of the Pontifical Catheral of San Francesco di Paola Father Mario Savarese gave a blessing to all those present, recalling the values of charity and solidarity the Order is inspired to.

Salerno, 6th of January 2023. 2023 has started with the spirit of solidarity in Salerno and precisely at the Association Hola Hop in the historic center of Via Trotula de Ruggiero. The delivery of about 40 socks of the Epiphany was activated by the Knights Gaetano Locci and Raffaele Fattopace where partecipated Hon. Piero De Luca, who is particularly active and sensitive towards charity.
The Hon. De Luca complimented the Constantinian Knights stating that the traditions make the spirit of the festivities: even the less fortunate children are entitled to live the magic of Christmas and January 6.

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