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Palermo-20th February 2015- St. Francesco di Paola’s parish church, day lit and very crowded, hosted the constantinian knights from Palermo Antonio di Janni, Gianfranco Romagnoli, Vincenzo Nuccio, Rosario Palermo, Gasperino Como, Rosario Tantillo, Umberto Mendola, Carmelo Sanmarco, Alessandro Palazzolo, Ettore Orfanello who joined the rite of the Holy Ashes conducted by the parson don Saverio Cento together with don Giorgio Terrasi and don Antonio Porretta, all constantinian chaplains.

During the homily father Saverio emphasized the importance of the Lent period and how the 40 days before Easter stand for a stage from an old man to a new one, the most suitable period to abandon vanity and superficial matters to choose essentiality and essentials. Money, sex and power seem to be the password to the contemporary world, however, what we think we own is not essential at all.

Only the purity of the heart and mind, the will to obey and commit to the listening and to the everyday respect of the Lord’s word give a meaning to the attendance of the rite.

Father Saverio took the chance to inform all the presents that they are going to activate all the procedures in order to examine the remains that can be related to S. Oliva found in the forties and kept in the convent chapel  and mentioned the chance to name the church and the convent of S. Francesco di Paola lying in the square of the same name as Shrine as soon as possible.


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