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Throughout the month of January 2024, the Sicilian Delegation once again has donated through the initiative Briciole di Salute (lit. “Crumbs of health”) in the cities of Carini, Alcamo and Palermo, where Father Serge, pastor of the church of S. Francesco di Paola, received powdered milk which will be destined to the orphanage of the Padri Minimi mission in Congo.

In December 2023, the initiative Briciole di Salute was held in Acireale, San Martino delle Scale, Monreale, Palermo (San Francesco di Paola), Patti and Noto; this last donation was held in the presence of H.R.H. the Grand Prefect.

On Saturday, January 6th, a solemn mass in occasion of the Epiphany was held by Mons. Salvatore Grimaldi at the Constantinian Basilica La Magione. Amongst the participants, there were children of the catechism and many constantinian Knights such as: Papas Luigi Lucini, Commander of Ecclesiastical Grace, Emanuele Mancini, Coronel of the Italian Army and commander of the Turba station of Palermo, the Noble Vice Delegate Antonio di Janni, the Noble Manlio Corselli, the Commander Gasperino Como, the Knight Officer Claudio Ragusa, Chancellor of the Delegation, the Knights Fabio Marino, Giovanni Messina Spina, Giulio Pillitteri and Dame Maria Antonia Spagnolo. After the celebration, the latter distributed Epiphany stockings to the children.

On December 19th at the church of Mary Most Holy of the Agonizing in Monreale, a ceremony was held for the awarding of the best nativity scene. The winner was the nativity scene of Sonia Lo Monaco, both for its complexity and its beauty.

On December 29th, Mons. Thierry Laurent, member of the Apostolic Nunciature of France, along with Father Gabriel Sampré and Father Mathieu de Warren, visited the nursing home Benedetto Balsamo in Monreale, accompanied by the archbishop H.E. Mons. Guglielmo Isacchi. They later visited the Abbey of S. Martino delle Scale, accompanied by the Vice Delegate Antonio di Janni. The group was greeted by the Most Reverend Father Abbot Vittorio Rizzone.

On December 22nd, the Holy Christmas Mass for the Knights of the Sicily Delegation was held at the Basilica Costantiniana della Magione.

On December 21st, the Holy Christmas Mass was held in Mazara del Vallo at the Parish Church Saint Gemma Galgani.

On December 29th, the traditional Christmas lunch offered by the Sicily Delegation was held in Monreale, at the nursing home Mons. Benedetto Balsamo.

On December 22nd, concurrently with the charity lunch of the Diocesan Shelter Sacra Famiglia of Patti, Knights Tony Zarrillo and Antonio Smiroldo donated 60 small portions of pandoro.

In Enna, the volunteers of Briciole di Salute worked along with the scouts of the Italian Catholic Scout Movement for Adults (MASCI) congregation Father Cannizzo Enna 1. A religious function was held by Father Sebastiano Rusignolo at the church of St. Bartholomew, where toys, school equipment, baby clothes and groceries were donated to needy families.

On December 21st, the Goethe Choir performed in a charity concert at the Church of Mary Most Holy of the Agonizing in Monreale. The money raised was donated to the Joy for Children Association.

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