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On January 27th, Dr. Gregory Dendramis delivered, through Archimandrite Papas Kola Ciulla, some products for children to the Caritas in Piana degli Albanesi.

On January 28th, the Consul General of the United States of America, Mary Avery, with a group of marines from NAS base Sigonella (CT), wore a white suit with the Constantinian logo and used brooms, sponges and brushes in order to refurbish the Church of Jesus and Mary in Acireale. The Consul General expressed her satisfaction for participating in the recovery of the church as well as her pride in seeing the weekly collaboration of the American army. The recovery work was also attended by Father Gregory Lesher, a Catholic naval chaplain. The Consul was greeted by the Bishop of Acireale H.E. Reverend Archbishop Antonino Raspanti. The representative of the Constantinian delegation, Mr. Antonino Amato gave the Consul General a publication and an emblem of the Constantinian Order.

On January 23rd, Mr. Cristoforo Arena and the volunteer Fero Infranca Salvatore delivered food to the Madonna della Tenda di Cristo structure.

On January 30th, the vice delegate and several knights of the province of Trapani delivered some products for children to the director of the parish Maria SS della Salute in Castelvetrano.

On January 30th, a mass was celebrated on the anniversary of the beatification of Maria Cristina, Queen of the Two Sicilies. The celebration took place at the church Maria SS. della Salute in Castelvetrano.

On February 1st, the vice delegate, the representative of Catania and other knights delivered several products to Sister Rosalba, who is in charge of the structure La Tenda della Madonna di Cristo.

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