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On February 5th, the Vice Delegate of Sicily, accompanied by Mr. Giulio Pillitteri, donated to the Archpriest of Carini, Father Giacomo Sgroi, several products that are part of the project “Briciole di Salute” at the Main Church in Carini.

As part of the synergistic collaboration between the Sicilian Delegation and the “Crocerossine d’Italia Onlus” Association, thanks to the availability of Dr. Muratore’s “Ponte Oreto” pharmacy, some doctors of the Order voluntarily collaborated for the local vaccination campaign.
The members of the Association “Crocerossine d’Italia Onlus” have been in charge of guaranteeing the correct access procedures to the Pharmacy facilities. In addition to Dr Di Janni, Dr. Amalia Guccione, Dr. Andrea Muratore, Prof. Anna Di Marzo and Dr. Pietro Muratore also collaborated.

On February 9th, the usual donation of the products of the “Briciole di Salute” project took place in Monreale.

A day dedicated to health solidarity took place on Saturday, February 12th at the Mother Church of Carini.
Internal medicine and diabetology visits were made, guaranteed by Prof. Ercole Pusateri. The medical prevention sessions planned in Carini were strongly requested by Archpriest Father Giacomo Sgroi, assisted by Mr. Julio Pillitteri. The head of the Palermo section, Professor Anna Di Marco, and the Vice Delegate for Sicily, Nob Dr Antonio di Janni attended.

From Monday, February 7 to Friday, February 11, Italian Red Cross volunteers held the 170th International Humanitarian Law course for international operators at Villa Cerami.
The event was possible thanks to the memorandum of understanding that had been signed on December 05, 2018 between the director of the Italian Red Cross, Mr. Francesco Rocca and the Grand Master, H.R.H. the Head of the Royal House.

On Saturday, February 19th, the Vice Delegate for Sicily, Nob. Dr. Antonio di Janni, went to the Benedictine Abbey of S. Martino delle Scale for the usual donation of products for children from zero to three years old. Dom Bernardo and Don Giuseppe received him at the time of delivery.

On February 23rd, the second donation of products, carried out by the Sicilian Delegation, took place at the Maria SS degli Agonizzanti church in Monreale.

On February 28th, H.R.H. Princess Beatrice of Bourbon Two Sicilies, accompanied by Mr. Marcello Cantone, Representative for the city of Noto, delivered numerous products at the Saint Corrado canteen, located in Noto.

On February 27th, a solemn ceremony took place at the Saint Benedetto church in Catania. After the Holy Mass, Father Corrado Pantò blessed the painting made by the artist Carmen Arena, and donated by H.R.H. Princess Beatrice of Bourbon Two Sicilies, Grand Prefect, to the Benedictine nuns. Mr. Antonino Amato, Representative for the city of Catania, Mr. Cosimo Costa, Massimo Putrino, Giuseppe Longo, Sergio D’Urso, Tony Zarrillo, Giuseppe Di Gregorio as well as many civil and military authorities were present.

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