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On January 6TH , as usual, the Sicilian delegation distributed socks with sweets and toys to the children at the Basilica la Magione and the church of Maria SS della Pietà. The Vice Delegate, Mr. Antonio di Janni, Mr. Gasperino Como and Mr. Gaetano Giarrusso helped Mrs. Giovanna Galli and Mrs. Eugenia D’Alessandro to distribute the gifts to the children. Shortly after, the knights gave some toys and socks with sweets to the children hosted by the Mission “Speranza e Carità”.


On January 5th  a meeting between the President of the Red Cross of Castelvetrano, Mr. Giuseppe Cardinale, and a delegation of local knights took place. The meeting, which was held on the eve of Epiphany, motivated one of the Knights, Mr. Carpinteri, to donate on behalf of the Order “a bag” full of more than 50 toys for the children assisted.


On January 5th, gifts were distributed to forty children at the church of Maria SS degli Agonizzanti in Monreale . The volunteer Sonia Lo Monaco, the Vice Delegate, Mr. Vincenzo Nuccio and the members of the MCL club Fabio Billetta, Pamela Russo, Renato Galano, Luigi D’Eliseo and Flavio Pillitteri took part in the donation.

s.caterina villermosa

On January 2nd , the Sicilian delegation donated 140 liters of milk to Banco Alimentare of S. Caterina Villermosa.  Mr. Michele Tramontana (local representative) and Mr. Giovanni D’Agostino participated. Basic needs are distributed monthly, especially for children from 0 to 3 years.


On January 4TH , a donation was made in Alcamo. It is part of the project “Briciole di Salute”. Mr. Antonio Fundaró, Mr. Pietro Francesco Mistretta, Mr. Giancarlo Martorana, Mr. Vincenzo Bussa and Mr. Antonio Mario Vitiello gave the products to Msgr- Aldo Giordano, archpriest of the Maria Assunta church (Mother Church).


In Alcamo some Knights and Dames also participated in the solemn mass in preparation for Christmas at the Basilica Maria Assunta, held on December 22nd .

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