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Reggio Calabria, 21 – 29 November 2015. As previously announced by the Vice Delegate Mr Aurelio Badolati, Commander of Merit with Star, charitable project “Solidarity Week” is scheduled to get underway in the third decade of November under the leadership of the Delegation of Calabria. “We have resolved to focus the bulk of our humanitarian efforts on bringing aid to our fellow citizens of Calabria, where the economic crisis is not simply a severe one but has actually taken on dramatic proportions.” This was the promise made on the occasion of a Convention which took place in October in the Council Chamber of Varapodio City Hall and which was titled “Dara Project – The Hunger of Our Neighbour”. The basic foods consignment, which – let us remind you – recently arrived in Calabria following a donation of supermarket chain ‘Esselunga S.p.A.” and which owes a great deal to the keen sense of initiative of our Grand Prefect HE The Ambassador Augusto Ruffo di Calabria dei Principi di Scilla, went through a sorting process, having been parcelled out and reassembled by the volunteer teams of the parish churches directly involved. All volunteers worked under the guidance of project coordinator the kinght Mr Pasqualino Guerrisi.  Today, the packaged food supplies are ready for distribution to all the provinces in the region thanks to the involvement of local parishes, pastoral associations (Caritas), and institutions for the young and the elderly.

What follows is a listing of the dates and locations set for the first segment of the food distribution:

21 November – Giffone (RC), Parish Church of Maria SS. del Soccorso

22 November – S. Ferdinando (RC), Parish Church of S. Ferdinando

23 November – Sant’Eufemia d’Aspromonte (RC), Parish Church of Sant’Eufemia Vergine e Maria

24 November – Palmi (RC) Parish Church of San Nicola

25 November – Lamezia Terme (CZ), Parish Church of Santa Maria Goretti

26 November – Taurianova  (RC), Parish Church of S. Giuseppe

27 November – Palmi (RC), Parish Church of Maria SS. del Soccorso

28 November – Polistena (RC), Parish Church of Santa Maria Vergine

29 November – Cosenza (CS), Parish Church of Santa Teresa del Bambin Gesù







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