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Solidarity Week – “The Hunger of our Neighbour”

Solidarity Week – “The Hunger of our Neighbour”


Palmi, 27 November 2015. Charity tour “Solidarity Week – The Hunger of Our Neighbour”, promoted by the Delegation of Calabria in support of needy people in the Calabria region, still underway at several venues across Calabria including local parishes, pastoral institutions (Caritas), communities for the elderly and young people. As the tour arrived at the city of Palmi, a hugely warm welcome was reserved to members of the Constantinian Order who were on hand to deliver a consignment of basic food items to 60 families from the Parish of ‘Maria Santissima del Soccorso’, following a donation from ‘Esselunga S.p.A.’. All families were picked by the local Caritas management team from among the poorest households in the area. “What we’re doing”, said the Vice Delegate, Aurelio Badolati, Commander of Knight with Star, visibly touched at the thought of bringing humanitarian aid to his own hometown, “is just a small fraction of what could be done to ease the suffering of people, a drop in the ocean, but a great many drops can ultimately make a river”. Before the Vice-Delegate’s address in the splendid old ‘Church of the Most Holy Cross’, High Mass had been officiated by the parish ‘Don Emanuele Leuzzi’. The prelate took many opportunities to express his heartfelt thanks and deep gratitude for the event during his homily, lavishing praise on the Order and paying homage to those Constantinian Knights who had fallen in the service of Christianity in a bid to uphold its values. In attendance at the ceremony were Rocco Gatto, Knight of Merit, and Paqualino Guerrisi, along with the Coordinator for the Benefactors, Roberto Bendini.

Next destination on the charity tour is Polistena (RC).











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