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South East Asia – Bangkok, September 2, 2021

South East Asia – Bangkok, September 2, 2021

Thailand has passed the 1 million mark in coronavirus cases in August, 97% of which were recorded in the past five months, but as per today the latest wave of Covid-19 infections shows some signs of slowing down.

Recently health authorities instructed to ramp up proactive mass testing and early detection through Rapid Antigen Test Kits, to be used in COVID-19 personal test by applying saliva, so much so that a few companies are offering regular free tests to their employees and even households are encouraged to do so with their family members in order to ensure a safer environment for everyone.

Following the recent donation of Test Kits by BigC-BJC Group, the Delegation has decided to allocate 18 sets to the Pratthanadee Foundation, a Thailand Registered Charity established in 2000, which describes itself as “a home, a community and a training center in one, providing a life-changing program for disadvantaged women by passionate volunteers”.

The Vice Delegate paid a visit to the Center accompanied by its Managing Director,  Mrs. Sarochinee Unyawachsumrith, who thanked for the support and encouragement (due to the current Covid-19 situation, Pratthanadee Foundation has been temporarily closed and all staff members are working remotely).

A special mention to Mrs. Shannon Kalayanamitr, entrepreneur and philanthropist, who recommended this award-winning NGO to the Delegation.

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