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South- East Asia: September 21, 2021, Delegation’s office

South- East Asia: September 21, 2021, Delegation’s office

Social entrepreneur and advisor Datò Stephen Kim Seng Cheah (or Datò Steve Cheah) Commander of the Royal Order of Francis I, visited the Delegation to provide some updates after the prolonged lockdown.

Firstly, the Vice Delegate congratulated Datò Cheah on his appointment as Head of the Diplomatic Council Mission to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, a new and unique organization with consultative status to UN ECOSOC, combining a global think tank, a world-leading business network and a charitable foundation to spark inspiration and ignite world-changing collaborations, to be a catalyst for unprecedented human unity, progress, and fulfillment.

Commander Datò Steve believes that the Diplomatic Council and the Delegation can work together on some initiatives, as well as other meaningful ones such as coordinating education for immigrants and Pitch@School Thailand, which operates platforms and projects on entrepreneurship education and sustainable development in Thai schools, crucial to equip youths for today’s age of disruption and the many new challenges of post-COVID-19 environment.

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