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Donations related to the project “Briciole di Salute” took place in Nicosia, San Martino delle Scale, Monreale (the latter in particular in the presence of H.R.H. the Grand Prefect), Cefalù and Palermo.

The Knights of the Sicilian delegation went to the Constantinian Cathedral of the Mansion to celebrate the Mass in Coena Domini, like every Holy Thursday.

The Noble Knights Antonio di Janni, Gaperino Como and Umberto Mendola gathered, on the occasion of the liturgical feast of Good Friday, to celebrate the passion of Our Lord at the Constantinian Cathedral of the Mansion, headed by the Constantinian Chaplain Mons. Salvatore Grimaldi, Commander of Ecclesiastical Grace. They went to the ancient Church of the coachmen to participate in the procession, at the end of the religious function.

H.R.H. the Grand Prefect, accompanied by the Vice Delegate and the Chancellor of the delegation Claudio Ragusa, handed over to Mons. Gualtiero Isacchi, Archbishop of Monreale, the appointment as Knight Grand Cross of Ecclesiastical Grace, in the afternoon of April 18.

On 18 April, H.R.H. the Grand Prefect inaugurated the Center of Medicine and Social Assistance at the Constantinian Cathedral of the Mansion. The Parish Priest Mons. Salvatore di Grimaldi was there to welcome her. The ceremony was held in the presence of the Mayor of Palermo, Hon. Prof. Roberto la Galla and Councillor Hon. Dario Falzone. The doctors who will take care of the assistance of the needy of the territory who attended the ceremony were: Dr. Francesco d’Alba, Dr. Sardo, Dr. Ercole Pusateri, Dr. Antonio di Janni, Dr Liboria di Baudo.

H.R.H. the Grand Prefect was received by the Prefect of Palermo, Maria Teresa Cucinotta. After a cordial conversation during which the Princess illustrated the charitable activities carried out by the Order, she handed the diploma of Dame Commander of Merit to the Prefect.

Moreover, on 18 April, H.R.H. the Grand Prefect went to the Mission “Hope and Charity” to pray at the tomb of Brother Biagio Conte. The Princess was welcomed by Father Pino Vitrano, spiritual guide of the mission.
The Princess delivered a ton of pasta and a gas stove donated by the Sicilian delegation.

H.R.H. the Grand Prefect, honorary citizen of Monreale, met the Mayor of the Norman city Engineer Alberto Arcidiacono in the Constantinian church of Maria SS degli Agonizzanti before the distribution of the principals of the project “Briciole di Salute”. The Mayor reiterated the important role of charitable activities to help the needy families of the municipality by giving them early childhood facilities. Princess Beatrice donated to the Mayor a saucer with the coat of arms of the Royal House at the end of the meeting.

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