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USA: American Donation to Pontifical Shrine in New York

USA: American Donation to Pontifical Shrine in New York

A much-appreciated donation was made by the American Delegation on the occasion of the feast of All Saints, November 1, 2021 in New York. Numerous American knights and dames donated toward the acquisition of four Neapolitan reliquaries for the historic Italian church, the Pontifical Shrine of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in East Harlem, New York.

The Shrine is an important landmark and gathering place not only for the Italian and Italian-American communities, but also a center of Marian devotion, and entrusted to the pastoral ministry of the Pallottine Fathers since 1884.

The church, located in a challenged section of New York, has welcomed the American Delegation of the Constantinian Order several times over the past few years. The Delegation started a collection for the beautiful reliquaries in September, in honor of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, to Whom countless immigrants from southern Italy entrusted themselves, forced to leave their homeland for economic reasons after the fall of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, immigrants who founded many churches named for Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in their adopted country.

The blessing of the reliquaries and their placement on the gradines of the high altar of Our Lady for the veneration of the faithful took place on the feast of All Saints, the day in which the Church especially commemorates all Saints, often exposing their sacred relics for public veneration.

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