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90th  Anniversary of H.M. Sofia’s death, Queen of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies

90th Anniversary of H.M. Sofia’s death, Queen of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies

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Palermo-19th January 2015. A Holy Mass was celebrated for Maria Sofia’s soul, Queen of the Two Sicilies, in Palermo at St. Francesco di Paola’s church. The mass was conducted by the constantinian chaplain, father Giorgio Terrasi from St. Francesco di Paola’s Padri Minimi. There were also the constantinian chaplain Father Antonio Porretta, the parson Father Saverio Cento and Mons. Gaetano Tulipano.

The mass was organized by the Sicily Delegation of the Sacred Military constantinian Order of St. George. The Sicily vicarious Delegate, the nobleman Antonio di Janni, reminded of the last Queen of the Two Sicilies mentioning her value and love to her people. He reminded of her heroism when she was with her soldiers in Gaeta encouraging them and helping the injured and a shell was dropped just close to the Queen’s house and she was miraculously alive. From the iron of that shell the soldiers forged rings that they used to wear even when they went back home. Furthermore, the assistance the exiled Queen in Austria gave to the southern Italian injured soldiers during World War II was recalled. Those soldiers had never known who that old lady was, the one who visited them in the Austrian hospitals bringing them some food.

Father Giorgio Terrasi, who conducted the mass, also celebrated his seventh year in the priesthood. The following Knights were present: H.E. the Prefect Gianfranco Romagnoli, Elio Zuccarello, Baldassarre Cacioppo, Rosario Palermo, Francesco Paolo Guarnieri, Salvatore Romano, Domenico Scapati, Piero Macaluso, Fabrizio Ippoliti, Carmelo Sanmarco, Gaetano Giarusso, Umberto Mendola and Dame Patrizia Biagi.

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