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Bangkok, March 26, 2022 – After a long break, the Thai Italian Youth Orchestra returns to action with a unique event at the “Goethe-Institut Thailand”, under the direction of Maestro Alberto Firrincieli, artistic director of the orchestra , who participated as a musician and composer, interpreting his new compositions.
The musical evening featured the acclaimed soloist and composer Maestro Arnaldo de Felice, a world-renowned Italian oboist.
For the special merits acquired in promoting the prestige of Italy in Thailand and in neighboring countries (he also performed in Burma and Cambodia) developing fruitful collaborations in the field of classical music, with a specific focus on young people, Maestro Firrincieli received the honor of Knight of the Star of Italy, conferred at the end of the concert by H.E. Lorenzo Galanti, Italian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand. The Vice Delegate warmly congratulated him and had the pleasure of presenting him with a crest of the Royal House of Bourbon Two Sicilies. The Vice Delegate also had the opportunity to speak with the Magnificent Rector and President of the “Assumption University” (a private Catholic university founded and administered by the Brothers of Christian Education of Saint Gabriel), Professor Reverend Father Bancha Saenghiran, Ph.d , (also known as Fra’ Albert Laurence) with the Director of the International Relations Office, Professor Glen Chatelie. Maestro Firrincieli is, among other positions, also Professor of the Music Department of the aforementioned University. Special thanks go to the Embassy of Italy and to Mr. Anders Wiberg and his wife, Mrs. Tetsuko.

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