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Reggio Calabria, July 20th 2022 – A donation in favour of the “Focolare” Cooperative by the Calabria Delegation took place. Given the possibility offered by the Knight of Merit Dr. Antonino Campolo to donate a complete bedroom, an underprivileged family was able to receive this donation.

On Wednesday, August 10th, a cultural event, whose title was “The relics of Saint George preserved in Oriolo”, was celebrated in Oriolo, near Cosenza. The meeting, organized by Nob. Mr. Roberto Campolongo and his wife Milena Suanno, Prof. Vincenzo Toscani, a famous local historian, took part as speaker. The conference, attended by many illustrious guests, was inaugurated by the Mayor of Oriolo Dr. Simona Colotta who also thanked the Knights of the Order, addressing her appreciations in particular towards the Delegate of the Calabria delegation, Don Gianpietro Sanseverino dei Baroni di Marcellinara and the Vice Delegate Aurelio Badolati. The Delegate’s greetings were concluded by Dr. Badolati, who presented the 2020-21 yearbook of the Calabria delegation and some of the new projects of the delegation. The event ended with the presentation of the book written by the famous historian Prof. Antonello Savaglio.

On August 10th at 6:30 p.m. a procession of Knights belonging to the delegation of Calabria began, heading to the Sanctuary dedicated to Saint George in Oriolo, where the Most Reverend Pierfrancesco Diego welcomed them with a liturgical rite and very special blessing in honour of the Constantinian Order. The holy mass, also in honour of Saint George the Martyr, patron of Oriolo and protector of the Order, was interspersed with songs and prayers in Latin; later, Dr. Aurelio Badolati, Vice Delegate, was commissioned to officiate the “ceremony of light”, a rite full of Christian symbolism that consisted of lighting a large candle. The ceremony ended with the recitation of the “Knight’s Prayer” by the Delegate.

Cotronei was once again the scene, as it has been for a few years, in the month of August, of an initiative of the Calabria delegation. On August 13, the young parish priest, Father Francesco Spadola, received some Knights, including Aurelio Badolati, Vice Delegate and Nicola and Antonio Oliverio, the latter representing the city of Crotonei – at the cathedral dedicated to Saint Nicola. Before the liturgical function, the group of Knights offered the parish Caritas a series of basic foods for those in need.

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