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croce costantiniana 2014 OK

During the past 12, 13 and 14 September there was a collegial meeting that saw the participation of all the new Great Officers with the Delegates, the Vicar Delegates, the Representatives of the Constantinian and accredited observers. There  were also the  representatives of the Royal Magistral Juridical Council and the Royal Magistral Heraldic Commission, the President and the Treasurer of the National Association of Constantinian Italian  Knights.

H.R.H.  Prince and Grand Master, in welcoming all participants, presented the new Big Officers appointed last spring and their tasks and, in his inaugural speech, he has  given the directives for the new course of the Order, highlighting the need to adapt the activities to a world in constant evolution, as required by our Statutes.

In his speech at the Assembly he said: “It was decided to give unity to the  humanitarian objective to achieve, so that it becomes the purpose of the Order in adapting the beneficial action to our time, as dictated by the Statutes.

This project, which will see the united action of all delegations, faces a problem unfortunately very widespread which affects young and old people; that plagues both the people of the so-called third world that the inhabitants of the big cities of the West; that affects people of all races and all religions; that affects sick people but also those who don’t suffer  at least of physical illness; problem that we find in countries where life is worsened by war but also in countries in situation of peace.

This problem, one of the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”, is  the hunger.

The project that now the Order wants to pursue coordinating all his  forces in an organic way  and directing them toward this final purpose,  has been called according to all the persons who assist me more directly in the government of the Order: “THE HUNGER OF OUR NEIGHBOUR” .

I’m asking the cooperation of all the Delegations of the world, dear Brothers, as I am convinced that this project can be implemented only through the constant and passionate commitment of each one of you.

At this regard, I ask you to consult, for each initiative, with your delegate or representative of the area, and  to join with renewed enthusiasm the activities that will be proposed to coordinate, in a structural and effective way, any action necessary to support the achievement of a profitable result.

The Grand Master then continued his speech informing us that, in the perspective of a new and more effective participation to the information that the Grand Magistry will give to all of you, “… there is an intention to establish a new communication strategy: even this will be unitary and centralized, even though all the Delegations will contribute to its spread.

The communication tools of the Order will be three: the official website of the Grand Magistry,  the Constantinian Chronicles and the News Letters.

The site will be managed by the Chancellery and will be divided in different sections that will receive the information from the Delegations, avoiding unnecessary duplication.

The Constantinian Chronicles (probably in digital format), will be managed by the Chancellery and will gather throughout the year the communications received from each delegation concerning activities or projects to be implemented.

Finally, the News Letter will be the periodic communication tool of the Grand Magistry towards the delegations.

I invite you warmly, dear Brothers, to intensify the consultation of our website:

If you had not yet done so, I invite you to send any updates for your personal information file, together with your tax code to the e-mail:

On the occasion of the meeting, H.R.H.  Prince and Grand Master also wanted to clarify the function of the Act of Reconciliation signed in Napoli January 25, 2014 with the spanish Cousins. The act is a reconciliation of private and family order, that has no relation with the Grand Magistry of the Constantinian Order or with ownership of the Head of the Royal House of Bourbon Two Sicilies.

At the end of the collegial meeting, H.R.H.  Princess Maria Carolina of Bourbon Two Sicilies, Duchess of Palermo, beloved daughter of the Grand Master, presented to the constantinian  assembly a sophisticated medical machine: an Elios  lamp  for heating babies in neonatal intensive care, her gift to the neonatal unit of the pediatric unit of the University Hospital “P. Giaccone “of Palermo.

Sunday, September 14, finally, on the occasion of the most important liturgical solemnity of our Order, the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, our Grand Prior Cardinal Renato Raffaele Martino presided over a solemn Mass in the Basilica of the XII  Santi Apostoli in Rome, in the presence of all participants to the Meeting, the diplomatic authorities, civil and military, as well as numerous Knights and Ladies, who came from all over Italy and abroad. “May the Lord help our Holy Order, may the Lord enlighten and guide us in fulfilling our duties of Constantinian Knights: to Him we rely renewing our commitment to the glorification of the Cross, the propagation of the Faith and the defense of the Holy Roman Church “.


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