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plastico cittadella di Messina (3)

Messina – 14 / 15marzo 2015.  After the second World War the area Falcata, and in particular the perimeter of the Royal Citadel has become the repository of all possible shame, transformed by the city of Messina, in the first deposit of municipal solid waste and then, in the Seventies ,  the location for the incinerator, which skeletonthe  is still there to remember us the ineptitude of our administrative management.

Shamelessly distorting history, we continues to maintain in the most squalid  degradation a monument and an emblematic place of eternal values such as Honesty, Dignity, Loyalty and Honor, values that for centuries have heated the western culture.

On Sunday, March 15 it has been commemorated the 154th anniversary of the heroic resistance of the Citadel of Messina in collaboration with the association “Friends of the Museum.”

The purpose of the event that annually collects numerous scholars and history experts  is not nostalgic, but aims to  raise awareness and restore this magnificent structure in complete abandon. Built by a Dutch architect Carlos de Grunemberg, in 1685, the fortress has withstood sieges, earthquakes and two world wars.

In 1947 it began its decline until today.

The “sister” of the citadel is located in Holland, well preserved, and it’s a wonderful tourist attraction.

The program includes a first day dedicated to a historical comparison with the organization of a conference that was held this year at the church of S. Giovannni of the Knights of Malta, formerly chapel of the Royal Family Bourbon Two Sicilies. They were attended by the vicar Deputy of the Constantinian Order for Sicily  Dr. Antonio di Janni, prof. Giovanni Bonanno, coordinator of the province of Messina , prof.  Franz Riccobono, prof. Vincenzo Gulì and prof. Giovanni Maduli.

Before the conference it was placed at the feet of the statue of Ferdinand II a laurel wreath.

The following  day it was celebrated a Mass in memory of the Sicilian soldiers  who, faithful to their homeland, fought for the honor of the people of the Two Sicilies and of their king.

The Mass was celebrated by Monsignor Mario Di Pietro, Constantinian chaplain,  at the Church of S. Giuseppe. They were present the knights Antonio di Janni, Giovanni Bonanno, Franz Riccobono, Salvatore Italiano, Giuseppe Matranga, Santi Legrottaglie Letterio Donato, Letterio Sciliberto and Giuseppe Amato.

After the Mass it was organized a visit to the Citadel led by prof. Franz Riccobono and it was laid a wreath on the bastions S. Diego.




 plastico cittadella di Messina (1) plastico cittadella di Messina (2) plastico cittadella di Messina (3)

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PROGRAMMA delle due giornate dedicate al 154°Anniversario


Sabato 14 marzo

Ore 11.30 Visita al modellino della Real Cittadella presso l’Istituto “Verona – Trento”

Ore 17.00 Omaggio floreale alla statua di Ferdinando II di Borbone, capolavoro di Pietro Tenerani

Ore 17.30 Visita alla Chiesa Gerosolimitana di San Giovanni di Malta, già Cappella Palatina della Real Casa Borbone


Domenica 15 marzo

Ore 10.00 S.Messa in suffragio dei caduti presso la Chiesa di San Giuseppe Mons. Mario Di Pietro, Cavaliere di Grazia Ecclesiastico dell’Ordine Costantiniano di San Giorgio.

Ore 11.30 Commemorazione e deposizione corone, Bastione S. Stefano della Real Cittadella.


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