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Memorial Day-interreligious conference

Memorial Day-interreligious conference

Enna convegno 045

Enna-27th January 2015. At 5.30 p.m. the awaited event “The scandal of the holocaust: face-off of monotheist religions” was held at the Government Palace.The event promoted by the Sicily Delegation of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St.George, was sponsored by Enna Prefecture in cooperation with Kiwanis Club, Enna district.

The conference was started by professor Salvo La Porta, ex-mayor of Leonforte and teacher of history. Fernando Guida, the prefect of Enna province, Mons. Rosario Gisana, bishop of Piazza Armerina diocese,Rabbi professor Stefano di Mauro- Itzaak Ben Avraham- the chief Rabbi of the Jewish community in Sicily and President of the Sephardic centre in Sicily, Kheit Abdelhafid- Imam of the mosque in Catania, president of the Islamic community in Sicily and member of the national management committee U.CO.I.I, all came in.

Conference moderator was Antonio Di Janni – Sicily vicarious Delegate of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St. George.

Two witnesses were also present: lawyer Rosa Anna Tremoglie from Res Publica Academy and Emiliano Abramo, Sicily Delegate of Comunità di Sant’Egidio.

At the end of the conference the vicarious Delegate appointed H.E. Mons. Rosario Gisana Commander of Ecclesiastical Grace of the Constantinian Order, granted by H.R.H. Prince Carlo di Borbone of the Two Sicilies, Duke of Castro and Grand Master.

All the speakers were given a parchment of Sicily delegation as a memory of the event.

Speakers: Mons. Gisana dealt with the topic of the Christian forgiveness brilliantly. Being a doctor, the Rabbi spoke about the distressing fortunes of the Jews he had treated after World War II. Imam focused on the topic of peace and reciprocal respect saying some verses from the Koran.

All the speakers found the same common denominator in one of Einstein’s quotes:

“I know just one race, the human race.”

At the end of the conference a musical performance was given by the students from Liceo Musicale “Dante Alighieri” in Enna.

Civil and military authorities were present, about 300 people who praised the speakers and complimented also Enna constantinian coordinator Knight Matteo Bertino.

Antonio di Janni, conference moderator, also mentioned that, in addition to the religious or racial massacres, such as the Jews’ Holocaust, political massacres occurred such as the one of the people from South Italy who died to protect their homeland in 1860 and in the decade after the Italian Unity.

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