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image-05-08-16-09-39-1Como, Friday, 5 August 2016 – The Vice Delegate for Milano and Lombardy, Nobile Dott. Giuseppe Rizzani, Knight Commander of Grace of the Constantinian Order, spoke of their cooperation with the Diocesan Caritas of the Valle Intelvi Zone -Lake and Home of the Annunciation – Somascan Fathers of the Crucifix of Como, for the distribution of 1,000 articles of clothing to the needy.
This activity also was part of the Guardia di Finanza operations releasing confiscated assets. Under the leadership of the Prior, Msgr. Arnaldo Morandi, the Knights of the delegation transported the material to the various locations of the Lombardy Delegation,
The operation is just one of the activities of the program “The Hunger of our Neighbor”, strongly supported by the Grand Master, H.R.H. Charles of Bourbon Two Sicilies, Duke of Castro.


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