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On Sunday February 26 the investiture ceremony of the delegation Emilia-Romagna was held at the church of Saint George in Modena, in the presence of the Secretary General of the Order, Dr. Giampaolo Grazian.
The Vice Delegate of Emilia-Romagna, Dr. Pietro Coppelli, assisted by the Representative of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Dr. Ilario Pagani, awarded the diplomas of appointment to:
Colonel Ciro Forte, Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff of the Military Academy of Modena, Colonel Luigi Regni, Officer of the corps of the Carabinieri, Lieutenant Colonello Alessandro Dimichino, Officer of the corps of the Carabinieri, Lieutenant Paolo Lafiosca, Officer of the Italian Army.
The Holy Mass, presided by the Vice Prior of the Delegation Emilia-Romagna Father Stefano Antonelli assisted by Father Marco Falcone, military Chaplain of the Academy of Modena, was held in the beautiful seventeenth-century church of Saint George. The message from Erio Castellucci, Archbishop of Modena-Nonantola, addressed to all Knights and Dames has been read.
The Secretary General Dr. Grazian, in his speech, brought the greetings of H.R.H. Prince Charles of Bourbon Two Sicilies and Grand Master, pointing out the figure of the deceased Delegate Esq. Corrado Sforza Fogliani, who has done much over the years for the activity of the Order. His role is now carried out by Dr. Pietro Coppelli.
There were numerous Knights of Modena, and even from other cities, in particular from Piacenza, arrived in Modena for the occasion, as well as the Representatives of the Order, Count Giacomo Cavina Boari from Bologna, and Professor Massimo Franchi from Parma.
The ceremony in the church of Saint George was particularly appreciated by the public, even thanks to the presence of a big group of Cadets from the Military Academy of Modena. They welcomed the guests, assisted the celebrant in the liturgical function and accompanied the Holy Mass with songs and music.
Numerous distinguished guests, civil and military authorities were present, in particular the Major General Davide Scalabrin, Commander of the Military Academy of Modena and Knight of the Order, who kindly invited all participants to a guided tour at the Historical Museum of the Academy.
The Vice Delegate Dr. Pietro Coppelli, after the tour, handed over the crest of the Constantinian Order to General Scalabrin, thanking him for the hospitality.
At the end of the meeting followed a pleasant toast in the State Halls of the Military Academy.

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