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France: Conference on February,7th and outing on February, 9th 2019

France: Conference on February,7th and outing on February, 9th 2019


After a Mass held at the Saint-Roch Church in Paris, the Knights and Ladies of the Order gathered at the Curé d’Ars room for a magnificent conference. Father Patrice Gaudin, pastor of the parish of Bondy Nord, shared his life as a priest with the members of the French delegation of the Contantinian Order of St. George. The French delegation organizes cultural outings for children, middle and high school students of the parish, and accompanies those who need it in educational or vocational guidance. The support program also aims to adapt the reception capacities to the growing demand for catechesis: a fundraising campaign is underway to renovate and expand the dedicated spaces of the parish.


Some Knights and Dames of the French delegation accompanied a group of ten young high school students belonging to the parish of Bondy (Seine Saint Denis) for a visit to the Hôtel des Invalides and to the Musée de l’Armée on February 9th, 2019. This first cultural outing was an opportunity to create a link with these suburban young people. The young French delegation has in fact set up a support program for this parish aimed specifically at evangelization and the professional integration of parishioners, also through training. A major renovation and expansion program has been launched to give this parish the reception capacity necessary for this purpose.


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