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Pasqua 2017 - aiuti alimentari nel Ponente di Genova

Genova, 14 April 2017 – In honor of Easter representatives of the Ligurian Delegation collected and donated food items to the parish of the ancient Mother Church of Genova Pegli dedicated to Saints Martin and Benedict.

The Knights, led by the Delegate, were welcomed by parish priest Don Michele Alberta who has been providing spiritual guidance to the activities of the Delegation for some time.


At the same time a group of Knights and Dames sent food items to the Parish community of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Assumption of Piani, in the hinterland of Imperia, and to the social Cooperative Goccia. The entire zone, in fact, has many pockets of poverty due to the the north African immigrants coming into Italy from the border crossing  of Ventimiglia as well as the many Italian families  affected by the extensive unemployment crisis.

Because of these problems the Ligurian Delegation has been focusing weekly on helping the persons and families who have been indicated as indigent.

The Delegation’s program for this year includes a search for appropriate storage areas, in Genova and in the province of Imperia, so that they may have two stable logistical centers to make the distribution of the items collected easier and more efficient.


Pasqua 2017 - aiuti alimentari nel Ponente di Imperia

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