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On Sunday 7 November, the feast of the Holy Bishop Borromeo, to whom the ancient foundation is historically linked and inspired, was solemnly celebrated at the church San Carlo in Brescia, at the “Fondazione Casa di Dio ONLUS”. The celebration, presided over by Monsignor Pierantonio Bodini, Ecclesiastical Commander of Grace and spiritual assistant of the foundation, was attended by a group of Knights of the Delegation of Lombardy. The Order is also the guardian of the shrine “Santa Maria del lino”, which belongs to the foundation’s religious and historical-artistic heritage. At the end of the liturgy, Bishop Bodini made a solemn blessing with a precious and distinguished relic of St. Charles.

Brescia, 12 November 2021 – Knight Officer Maurizio Mirandola, together with a volunteer, after having spoken with the Deputy Director of the diocesan Caritas, Marco Danesi, has delivered about a tonne of pellets to the Caritas “Ottavo Giorno”. This material will support the families in need in the mountain area thanks to the local parish Caritas.

Brescia, 13 November 2021 – Knight Officer Maurizio Mirandola, Commander Damiano Zamboni, the Knights Samuele Belleri, Giuseppe Scolaro and Romano Savi, the Volunteers Riccardo Monacci and Francesca Ghidini have organised, together with the Association “Gruppo Cinofili Leonessa”, a food collection at the four Conad supermarkets in Brescia. The donations will be given to people or families in need, also thanks to the Brescia diocesan Caritas.

Milan, 5 November 2021 – In the presence of the Commander of the Army, General Alfonso Miro, and the Milan Representative Honorable Gabriele Albertini, the Delegate of Lombardy Mr. Giuseppe Rizzani presented the gold medal of merit to the General of the Army, Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, for his high commitment and extraordinary results achieved in the fight against the pandemic. The event took place at Palazzo Cusani. The insignia was presented by the Grand Treasurer of the Order, H.E. Don Giancarlo Rocco dei Principi di Torrepadula. The Delegate also briefly recalled the numerous activities carried out by the Grand Master and the delegations during this period of emergency.

Saturday, 6 November 2021- The Delegation of Pavia organised a day in Vigevano led by Representative Father Maurizio Ceriani with a mass at the church Saint Francis, celebrated by Bishop Paolo Bonato, followed by a private visit to the cathedral museum and a charity lunch.

On Sunday 7 November, the Curia of Tortona invited Delegate Noble Giuseppe Rizzani to welcome the new Bishop Guido Marini, who greeted him after Mass.

Brescia, Saturday 27 November 2021 – Knight Officer Maurizio Mirandola, Representative for the city of Mantova, personally created an artistic Neapolitan-style nativity scene, which he donated to the Sanctuary Santa Maria del Lino, guarded by the Constantinian Knights. The crib was blessed for the beginning of the Advent by Bishop Pierantonio Bodini, Commander of Ecclesiastical Grace during the weekly Saturday Mass.

The Representative for the city of Lecco, Knight Luigi Rogliano, supervised by the Delegate for Lombardy Mr. Giuseppe Rizzani, donated 30,000 FPP2 masks to the municipalities of Martinengo and Chignolo Pò to tackle the current health crisis. The Delegate and the Representative recalled the love and care that the Order offers to communities in need, receiving the best wishes and thanks from Mayor Mario Seghezzi for Martinengo and Mayor Giacomo Baccalini, who demonstrated a great spirit of solidarity.

Brescia, 30 November 2021. Knight Giuseppe Scolaro acquired several items of clothing and shoes, which were handed over to the association Gruppo Cinofili Leonessa of Brescia. The material will be handled by the volunteers of the association and will be made available to people in need and difficulty assisted by the association.

3 December 2021, Bagnolo Mella (BS) – The pre-Christmas ceremony of the Delegation of Lombardy, with the participation of numerous Dames and Knights, was celebrated in Bagnolo Mella at the shrine Santa Maria della Stella. The Holy Mass was presided over by Episcopal Vicar Father Alfredo Savoldi, assisted by the Prior of the Delegation Msgr. Arnaldo Morandi and other Ecclesiastical Knights of Grace. The Delegate of Lombardy Mr. Giuseppe Rizzani, Commander of Justice, presented diplomas and decorations of merit at the end of the celebration. The evening continued with a pleasant fraternal agape.

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