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August 12, Lanzo Intelvi (CO) – On the occasion of the 350 anniversary of the foundation of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Loreto in Lanzo Intelvi, an extraordinary procession took place through the streets of the village. At the invitation of the Promoting Committee, a group of Constantine Knights led by the Grand Officer of Justice Count Giuseppe Rizzani Delegate of Lombardy attended the event. Members of the Delegation Council were present: Noble Knights Andrea Rivoira and Diego Zoia and Knights Salvatore Malvaso, Roberto Nardecchia, Gabriele Lombardo with the Representative of Como and Varese Knight Costantino Canevali. The emotional spiritual bond with the sanctuary of Lanzo was well manifested in the past, when, in 2014, the representation of Como donated a precious scagliola of the famous sculptor Bodini and in 2019 edited and offered a publication on its history and the art of the sanctuary.

Father Arnaldo Morandi, Prior of Lombardy, Diocesan Commissioner for the causes of Beatification and Canonization, Custodian of the Holy Relics, is now also pastor of S.S. Gervasio and Protasio M.M. in San Gervasio Bresciano. Father Arnaldo was welcomed by the community with sincere enthusiasm preceded by an atmosphere of fervent expectation and preparation.
The Mayor Jamer Scaburri, present with the city council, welcomed the new pastor on the threshold of the church with a warm welcome speech and open to full collaboration for the good of the community. The rite, in the first part, as required by the ritual, was presided over by the territorial episcopal Vicar Father Alfredo Savoldi Commander of Ecclesiastical Grace who, after proclaiming the pastor, introduced him to the presidency of the Eucharist.
Numerous concelebrant priests linked to Father Arnaldo were present. His Beatitude Raphael Bedros XXI Minassian Patriarch of Cilicia of Armenians, His Exc. Msgr. Domenico Sigalini, His Exc. Mons. Bienvenu Manakima, Msgr. Louis Narek Naamo were present. Mons. Roberto Foini, official of the Pontifical Dicastery of Propaganda Fide, who read a touching affectionate message sent for the particular occasion by H.E. Card. Renato Raffaele Martino, Protodeacon of the Holy Roman Church and Grand Prior Emeritus.
The participation of the citizenship of San Gervasio was numerous. The ceremony was joined by a group of friends from the parish of San Gottardo in Brescia, where Father Arnaldo was in charge for more than 28 years, with the former coordinator of the Pastoral Council and AE, Comm. Eugenio Bodini Knight of the Grand Cross of Merit who, at the end of the celebration, took the floor addressing the guest of honor and the new parishioners very touching and profound thoughts. Even the friends of Pavone del Mella, the town of Don Arnaldo’s origin, with the Mayor and Provincial Councillor Mariateresa Vivaldini, were present together with his mother Angelina and numerous relatives.
The presence of Knights and Dames of the Constantinian Order was significant and in this meeting they also meant the external celebration of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Among the authorities Dr. Giuseppe Rizzani SMOC Delegate of Lombardy, the Regional Councillor Claudia Carzeri, authoritative representative of regional institutions, his friend Mario Scotti, former Councillor for the Lombardy Region, numerous representatives of the Police and the Carabinieri.
Sister Veronica Grillo, Dame of Merit, delegated by Sister Emilia Scarcella, National Inspector of the Voluntary Nursing Corps of the CRI, Dame of Commenda, at the end of the celebration read a message from the National Inspector and the reasons for the award of the prestigious Medal of the Time of Kindness-COVID.
After the solemn liturgy, the parish and municipal administration, with the commendable work of volunteers, offered to all the presents a generous refreshment, set up outdoors in the main district, where everyone was given the opportunity to entertain themselves in a festive atmosphere of serenity and express personally their wish for a profitable ministry to the new pastor.

23 September 2023 – New supply of medicines from the collection promoted at the parish of San Gervasio bresciano. The response was diligent and generous, while the collection is still ongoing. The medicines and surgical medical devices were sorted and catalogued with the help of Father Pierantonio Bodini, an expert in the health sector and professor of bioethics. The material will be sent to Lebanon in the coming days.

Palazzolo s/O – Prevalle (BS), 22 September 2023 – Knights Paolo Musatti and Maurizio Mirandola have acquired and delivered to the Shalom Community of Palazzolo S/O and to the Minelli Association of Prevalle about 5,000 portions of fresh velvety, donated by the company Euroverde – Goodness of the season of Azzano Mella (BS)for families and assisted guests.

Brescia – Bergamo, 28 September 2023 – Knight Pietro Santacroce has acquired materials for early childhood and a new stroller that he delivered to the Leonessa Cinofili Group in Brescia. The material will be donated to a needy family assisted in the municipality of Carpenedolo (BS).

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