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San Giorgio a Cremano: distribution of gift packs

San Giorgio a Cremano: distribution of gift packs


San Giorgio a Cremano – December 20, 2014. An important event for the distribution of gift packs to those who live in a state of strong economic difficulty. The Knight Ciro Di Giacomo, assisted by a group of his associates, provided for the collection of food, at supermarkets DECO of San Giorgio a Cremano and grocery stores of the Ciccarelli and Festante Groups.

They were collected, pasta, rice, cereals, flour, long-life milk, baby food, biscuits and baby products, canned and dried vegetables.

These packaged products have been distributed during a ceremony at the presence of our Delegate and the city authorities. The program was held with the meeting between the Marchese Pierluigi Sanfelice di Bagnoli and the mayor; the mayor of San Giorgio a Cremano Dott. Domenico Giorgiano, at the headquarters of the CAF association in Painter street  where there was a  greeting toast  followed by the distribution of  gift packs.

San Giorgio a Cremano is a town of about 4 square kilometers, and a population density of 49,000 inhabitants resident. Its origins are in the ancient village of Cambrano where it  was built a church dedicated to Saint George, while another village of the town was developed around the Church of Santa Maria del Principio. In the second half of the 600 the two villages were joined  creating the city of San Giorgio a Cremano. The many devotees of St. George carried the statue in procession at the foot of the erupting Vesuvius to get its protection and have saved their city. Every year the feast of the lava commemorates the intercession of the saint.

An area highly valued its past as resort where very beautiful and  important villas and palaces were built also  thanks to the presence not far of the Palace of Portici, where the Bourbon family spent her summers.


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