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On Friday, 19th January, in Acireale H.R.H. Mons. Antonio Raspanti, Bishop of Acireale, President of the Episcopal Conference of Sicily and Knight Grand Cross of Ecclesiastical Grace has met the Vice Delegate, Noble Antonio di Janni, the Comm. Marcello Cantone, referent for Noto and Nicosia, Father Antonio Cipriano, Archpriest of Capizzi and Vice Prior and Father Gaetano Pulvirenti, Archpriest of Acicatena and Knight of Ecclesiastical Grace. The bishop spoke about charitable initiatives carried out by the Delegation of Sicily in favour of the women and children welcomed in the “Madonna della Tenda di Cristo” community, led by Sister Alfonsina, and about the “P.ssa Maria Carolina” study grant for rehabilitative implantology on disabled patients, in the “S. Marta e S. Venera” hospital in Acireale. Furthermore, a collaboration with Father Orazio Caputo was proposed, as he helps many homeless people and involves them in charitable activities. In line with Vice Prior’s request, Mons. Raspanti found a church to entrust to the Delegation. At the end of the meeting, the latter thanked the Delegation for its commitment towards people in need, both in its diocese and in all Sicily.

On Sunday, 14th January Mons. Gaetano Tulipano, Knight Grand Cross of Ecclesiastical Grace, parish priest of  St. Anthony the Abbot, and Father Giuseppe Iozzia, Knight of Ecclesiastical Grace, celebrated the Holy Mass in honor of the Saint of the church, by remembering his life and exemplarity. The Municipal police’s choral animated the liturgical celebration. The Mayor of Palermo Roberto Lagalla, Commander of Merit, and Knight Dario Falzone, responsible for human resources and Palermo municipal police attended the celebration. Before the Holy blessing, the mayor awarded a medal of the city to Mons. Tulipano, and thanked the Constantinian Order for the presence at the event. At the end of the religious function, Vice Delegate Antonio di Janni brought H.R.H. Prince Charles of Bourbon two Sicilies Duke of Castro, Grand Master’s  greetings to the Mayor and Mons. Tulipano.

On Saturday 13th January the Knight Grand Cross of Grace Antonio di Janni and the Comm. Gasperino Como have delivered some medical products of the project “Briciole di Salute”, gifted by the Delegation to Father Bernardo, responsible for Benedictine Caritas. After the donation, the Knights have met the Abbot Father Vittorio Rizzone, Knight of Ecclesiastical Grace, who thanked the Delegation for the continuous aid to the children of needy families.

On Wednesday 17th January, the donation of garrisons of the project “Briciole di Salute” was held in the adjacent structures of the Constantinian church “Maria SS. degli Agonizzanti”. The project aims at helping vulnerable families with children up to 3 years. The Vice Delegate and the meritorious Sonia Lo Monaco, Antonella Zito and Marco Scolaro joined the event.

During the solemn Eucharistic Celebration which took place in “S. Giacomo Maggiore” Church in Messina last 20th January, the appointment of Most Reverend Mons. Mario Di Pietro, Knight Officer of Ecclesiastical Grace as new representative for Messina and its province was formalized. Knight Mr. Renato Milazzo proclaimed the relevant Decree signed by Vice Delegate Noble Antonio di Janni, Knight Grand Cross of Grace, transmitted by Chancellor of the Delegation of Sicily, Knight Officer Claudio Ragusa. Finally, the new representative thanked the Knights who were there and expressed his gratitude to his predecessor, Mr. Giovanni Bonanno, Knight Grand Officer of Merit for his contribution during his office.

The participation of the Knights to the celebration was led by Knight Felice Alessandro Gambadoro, in the role of Master of ceremonies.

Moreover, also Knight Grand Cross of Justice Giorgio Mirti della Valle, Knight Officer Letterio Sciliberto, Knight of Merit Admiral Giacomo Santi Legrottaglie, Knight of Merit Letterio Donato, Knight of Merit Comm. Lino La Rosa, Knight of Merit Gefr. Antonino Smiroldo, Knight of Office Brig. Pasquale Marchesano, Knight of Office Giuseppe Cirrincione attended the event.

Before the blessing, Mr. Bonanno led the choral recitation of the Constantinian Knight prayer.

A solemn Pontifical was held in Acireale, on the occasion of St. Sebastian in the homonymous. The rite was presided over by H.E. Most Rev. Mons. Renato Boccardo, Metropolitan Archbishop of Spoleto. H.E. Most Rev. Mons. Antonino Raspanti, Bishop of Acireale, Knight Grand Cross  of Ecclesiastical Grace, H.E. Most Rev. Mons. Domenico Mogavero, Bishop Emeritus of Mazara del Vallo, Knight Grand Cross  of Ecclesiastical Grace, and Bishops Mons. Salvatore Cristina, Mons. Salvatore Pappalardo, Mons. Carmelo Cuttitta, Mons. Vincenzo Manzella, and Canon Don Alessandro, Knight of Ecclesiastical Grace. Also a group of knights representing the Delegation of Sicily attended the event.

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