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On 24 September 2023, in Ficuzza, H.E. Mons. Gualtiero Isacchi, Archbishop of Monreale, presided over the Eucharistic Celebration in the parish church of Santa Rosalia. The parish priest of Santa Rosalia, Reverend Father Calogero Latino, welcomed the Archbishop of Monreale.
The Sicily Delegation was represented by Knight Giulio Pillitteri, who, at the end of the celebration, brought to H.E. Mons. Gualtiero Isacchi greetings from the Vice Delegate Noble Knight of Grand Cross of Grace Antonio di Janni and all the Delegation, thanking him for his constant support for the Order’s activities.

The effective collaboration between the Municipal Administration, the Archdiocese of Monreale and the Delegation of Sicily is witnessed by the presence of volunteers of the Order that ensure the opening of the Church of the Agonizzanti during the days of the event “In the Sign of Guglielmo 2023”. In fact, the initiative was presented on Friday, September 22 in the church of Maria SS. degli Agonizzanti by Mayor Eng. Alberto Arcidiacono, by the President of the City Council Marco Intravaia, by the assessors Dr. Fabrizio Lo Verso and Lawyer Letizia Sardisco, who illustrated the program of events. The church will remain open for the duration of the event in order to allow all visitors to admire an exhibition of vintage clothes and a reproduction of the mantle of Guglielmo, founder of the municipality.

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