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Bangkok 21-22 June 2022– For 40 years in France, June 21 is not only the longest day of the year but also the celebration of the Fête de la Musique (created in 1982) also known in English as the World Music Day.
By invitation of the Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce, the Vice Delegate enjoyed the cheerful French tradition successfully brought to Bangkok, at Blue Parrot restaurant with pool and garden, thanks to several sponsors. On June 22 the Vice Delegate attended an event at Alliance Française Bangkok, organised in partnership with the Embassy of France to Thailand. The program comprised a documentary screening and a talk with scientists.
The documentary “La Fabrique des Pandémies” was directed by Marie-Monique Robin: the last 40 years have been marked by a large number of zoonoses, that is infectious diseases transmitted to humans by animals (Dengue, Chikungunya, COVID-19, Aids, Ebola, to name just a few).
In this documentary, primary French actress Juliette Binoche seeks to understand the causes of this “epidemic of pandemics”. She meets with scientists from around the world to understand the links between human health and the health of ecosystems. A discussion and Q&A session followed, including the chance to meet the co-authors of “Biodiversity and Health: The Links Between Life, Ecosystems, and Societies,” published by Iste, Ecology series, Mrs. Claire Lajaunie and Mr. Serge Morand, and learn about the book’s theme. Serge Morand is a field health ecologist and evolutionary ecologist. He is the director of research at the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research, the largest fundamental science agency in Europe) and conducts research in rural Southeast Asian areas on the effects of changes in land use and biodiversity on the transmission of infectious illnesses, mostly zoonotic diseases. Claire Lajaunie, a researcher at INSERM (the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research), investigates the links between biodiversity and health using approaches that combine environmental law, multi-scale governance, and the associated ethical issues.

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