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img-20160913-wa0032Palermo, September 13, 2016 – The Sicilian Delegation has initiated the solidarity project “Constantinian Angels”, a program to provide care for the less fortunate and the homeless.
The Constantinian Angels walk through the streets of Palermo greeting “friends” to offer assistance and to help them feel less alone. During their rounds the teams of Angels met with Mrs. Sabrina Ciulla and the volunteers of the Palermo Homeless Assistance Organization who daily care for the homeless.

These volunteers welcomed the Constantinian Angels with joy, thanking them for their participation and for bringing approximately 50 packages of provisions to be distributed to the many persons waiting for them. Some food and other nourishment, a smile, a handshake, a few kind words and the time to listen to their stories: this and more are what the Constantinian Angels are attempting to do to make these people feel a little bit less “invisible” to others and, more important, to themselves.
As stated by the Vicar Delegate “Our purpose is not just to fulfil their primary needs but also to restore dignity and give them hope and faith. In addition to items of food, they also bring hot tea and chocolate. Many could criticize us for what we do, but you must understand that these are people just like everyone else. It’s enough to offer a couple of hours a week of your life to do volunteer work, to make a contribution by collecting food or funds. The fundamental thing to remember – he adds – is that when you give money to these people, you shouldn’t just give it quickly and turn away. It’s important to shake their hands, to say a few words and to really look at them. That is the true gift.”

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