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Visit to Palermo

Visit to Palermo









(Palermo). Thursday, November the 20th, at 5 pm at the General Hospital of Palermo, the Sicily Delegation of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George’s – the oldest knights’ order – organized a remarkable event. Once again they play a central role in social initiatives for the wider society and the deprived.
At the presence of HRH the Prince of Bourbon of two Sicilies and the HRM The Princess Maria Carolina di Borbone the Hospital received the Neonatal intensive care Unit. This is a 140 cm lamp on a perch with 6 blue leds and 4 white leds for the newborn visualization, able to grant a radiometric radiation power of 70 cm.
The device is able to convey the therapeutic light between 425 and 475 mm in a directive cone without creating any inconvenient to the surrounding patients or the medical staff.
All the staff responsible of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the Director of the General Hospital attended this ceremony as well as the Doctor Sebastiano Bonventre, Chief Surgeon, Knight of the Costantinian order and Major of the city of Alcamo (TP).


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