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December 8th 2014 Special Day for needy brothers in the city of Rome

December 8th 2014 Special Day for needy brothers in the city of Rome


Rome – Monday 8th December 2014. The Delegation of Rome of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St. George, on the occasion of the solemn day of the Immaculate Conception, will organize a special day for  citizens in need.

In this occasion, the delegation, will offer a lunch to 500 city inhabitants in need  at the Oblate Sisters of the Sacra Famiglia in Via Carrara 1\3.

 H.S.H. Prince Manfred Windisch-Graetz, who has recently assumed the position of Delegate for Roma and Lazio, will attend the charity lunch to “stay close” to the needy of the City. He will be welcomed by the  Delegate of Rome, Marquis Giorgio Mirti della Valle and by other Councillors of the Delegation.

This initiative is only  a  part of the overall humanitarian project that the Order wants to pursue coordinating all its strength through the action of all delegations, in Italy and all over the world, and directing them towards the realization of this project, entitled “the hunger of our neighbor”.

Our “neighbor” is to be intended in the evangelical sense of the term: a person in need living near us and, very often,  no one notices him.

To the Constantinian Knights is required indeed to contribute to the primary needs of these persons, accordint to the Christian spirit which every Knight must be inspired by.


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