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Christmas dinner at the nursing home Balsamo in Monreale

Christmas dinner at the nursing home Balsamo in Monreale

12 ospizio Balsamo

Monreale- December 25, 2014. Another appointment for  the Constantinian Order  confirming the commitment of the Order to help btothers who, for different reasons are in difficult situations.

The appointment at the opera pious Benedetto Balsamao in  Monreale was the occasion for a meeting not only with the guests of a single day, but also with those who give their  contribution 365 days a year.

The meeting was attended by the Archbishop of Monreale HE Monsgnor Michele Pennisi, Constantinian Prior for Sicily, the vicar  delegate of the Order Knight of  grace Antonio di Janni, the vicar of the Archdiocese Monsignor. Antonino Dolce, the pastor of the Cathedral Don Nicola Gaglio, the secretary of the Archibishop  Don Giacomo Sgroi,  the constantinian chaplains , the mayor of Monreale, the lawyer Peter Capizzi,  the councilman Professor Manuela Quadrante, the secretary of the work Dr. Pia. Viola and the constantinian knights DrVincenzo Nuccio, Carmelo Sammarco, Fabrizio Ippoliti and the Lady Prof. Santa Ferlito.

The knights and their constantinian Prior served at the tables the guests of the hospice and then they had lunch with them.

Everything was offered by the delegation Sicily and cooked by the chef of the opera pious Balsamo. In his speech, the Archbishop noted the importance of the Order’s work  and as the Opera pia is a “lung” of humanity for Monreale. The vicar delegate drew the commitment not only for the today’s event but also for the project “New Crumbs of Health” that thanks to the Archbishop and local volunteers has now become an important reference for the many needy families with children from 0 to 36 months.

The Mayor thanked the Archbishop for his passion and commitment in favor not only of the weakest but also for his pastoral activity that is also an incentive for politicians. During the greetings also a nod to the economic difficulties of the structure that are reflected in the lives of people working  there who must be thanked for the passion and love they give to the guests of the hospice and certainly should be supported because the only awards are not enough to live on.

The guests of the rest home have prepared a “Recipes of the Grandmothers” with traditional recipes of the Christmas period as the broccolis in batter, pumpkin  in a sweet and sour sauce, bucatini with broccolis, stuffed artichokes and Sicilian eggplant rolls.

At the end of the meeting the Archbishop and the Mayor accompanied by constantinian knights  and participants have reached the Church of Maria SS. Of agonizing for the last year 2014 distribution of food and aids for infants.

The Constantinian Order seeks to serve the man accordintg to the Gospel every day even if it is difficult; trying  to witness the primacy of God over life and history, of a God who is Love and Charity.

Approching the  Holy Christmas Child Jesus  pushes us  to become ourselves charity, that abundance of love to manifest as peace, forgiveness, and acceptance of all and especially the young, the poor, those who have to struggle to live.



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