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Full day for the Delegation of Naples and Campania

Full day for the Delegation of Naples and Campania

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Naples – 9th January 2015. Friday 9th January was a full day for the Delegation of Naples and Campania. In the morning the first “Solidarity Day” was held at the nursery school “Costanza di Chiaromonte” run by the cooperative “Il Ricco”.

The Delegate of Naples and Campania of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St.George Marquis Pierluigi Sanfelice di Bagnoli joined the event in order to confirm the support of the Order to the officially recognized schools that are in straits and he especially thanked the Chairwoman Antonella Rubertucci.

This event witnessed the mobilization of the Knights and the Meritorious Donors of the Order for the 2-6 year old children who were given toys, a toy library, a lot of educational material and more than a hundred bags of sweets with the logo of the Order “the Cross”, all this excited the children. Furthermore, at the entrance of the toy library a stone tablet with the Constantinian Cross was set and was blessed by parson Don Elio De Podo. At the end of the event the Chairwoman Antonella Rubertucci thanked the Order for the offers and fixed the second day of solidarity. The mayor Micaela Fanelli, the members of the local government and the teachers of the school joined the event.

A note of fun was the children’s moving naivety, they heard of the Knights oncoming visit and thought they would meet men with armour and on horseback! At the end of the meeting the children sang the traditional song welcoming the town of Riccia while the Delegate signed the guest book on a precious mid-nineteenth-century find.

Marquis Sanfelice gave great importance to this meaningful visit full of ideas promising developments of this friendship and cooperation.

On 9th January afternoon the marquis Sanfelice di Bagnoli went to Sepino, a town at the borders of Campania invited by the mayor Filomena Zeoli to join the mass conducted by the Archbishop of Lucera, H.E. Francesco Zarillo in honour of the Patron Saint Cristina.

Before the Holy Mass at 4p.m. the “Festa delle Candele” was held with the distribution of the symbolical “Cartoccio”, then at 4.30p.m the authorities were welcomed in the boardroom. St.Cristina’s celebration is a yearly really appreciated event by the inhabitants of Sepino.

On this occasion also the mayors of the surrounding towns meet to celebrate the Saint. The mayors of the union of the towns of Valle del Tammaro with their gonfalons were present that is to say: besides the Mayor Filomena Zeoli- the mayor of Cercemaggiore Vincenza Testa, the mayor of Cercepiccola Michele Simiele, the mayor of San Giuliano del Sannio Angelo Codagnone, the mayor of Mirabello Sannitico Luciano di Biase, the president of Campobasso province Rosario de Matteis and the president of Molise region: Paolo Frattura.




The event was attended also by the representatives of the Order of Malta such as Professor Alberto Bochicchio and Mr Rocco Sileo, of the Holy Sepulchre such as the headmaster Carmine De Camillis, of the Cisom of Matera area, the Bojano military police force commander Michele De Chiara, the commander and the policemen of the police station in Sepino, some rangers of the forestry station, the commander and some traffic wardens from Sepino.

After the Mass a reception was held in the town hall attended by all the guests and the mayor gave the Delegate Marquis Sanfelice a copy of a IV A.C.-century point of a spear from the Samnite age as a memory of the meeting.


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