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Message for the Mass for HM King Francis II of Bourbon-Two Sicilies,  on the 126th Anniversary of his Pious Death

Message for the Mass for HM King Francis II of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, on the 126th Anniversary of his Pious Death

Naples, December 27th, 2020

“Francis II was king in misfortune even more than in the few months of active sovereignty: he did not withdraw his deposits from the banks, and from the Palace, more than works of art and things of commercial value, he took with him objects of devotion and family mementos.” (The Invention of a United Italy, Roberto Martucci).

With this brief passage, I wish to remember the last King of the Two Sicilies, my Ancestor Francis II, on the anniversary of his death. He is always alive in our hearts, and the affection that all of you are showing in this phase that has followed the placet, the approval for the opening of the beatification and canonization process is further confirmation.
During his life, he distinguished himself by his many and numerous merits, but, above all, by his virtues.
His light does not shine only because of his dignity and heroism in the tragedy of the invasion, but also because of his very high sense of sacrifice, having chosen personal exile rather than condemning his people to undergo the suffering and misfortune of a long war.
His Majesty Francis II was always deeply Catholic. He demonstrated his faith and his humanity both publicly, like at Gaeta especially with his enemies, and in private, always behaving like a true Christian, bearing and accepting the Divine Will with courage and dignity, with the certitude that his immense sacrifice was made at the service of the Faith, of his Royal House and of his people.
Because, on the cross of his bed, dying, he raised his eyes to Heaven, sure in the hope that, after having lived his life waiting for “the justice of Heaven”, there would come the just and worthy reward of God the Almighty Father, for being worthy of his Lord, after having followed Christ, in the sequela Christi.
I unite myself in prayer with all of you, with the hope of being able to be with you soon.

Charles of Bourbon Two Sicilies, Duke of Castro

Head of the Royal House and Grand Master

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