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Press Release  – Donation to needy families of tthe Republic of San Marino

Press Release – Donation to needy families of tthe Republic of San Marino


Villa San Giorgio – December 10, 2014. The Knights and Dames of the Delegation of Emilia Romagna of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order gathered in Villa San Giorgio, office of the Delegation of Emilia Romagna, to load and unload of food donated  by the Delegation from Emilia Romagna to Families in need of the Republic of San Marino.

A  big truck containing food, partly purchased by the Delegation and partly donated by the Knights and volunteers, came specially to Villa San Giorgio from Milan where Knights and Volunteers – Friends of the Order – were waiting for its arrival since the first light of ‘dawn to  tranship on small trucks to go to San Marino.

The  Delegation, led by the Vicar Delegate Count Alessandro Travaglini,  immediately embraced the desires of H.R.H Prince and Grand Master of the Constantinian Order, Prince Charles of Bourbon Two Sicilies, Duke of Castro, who, during the meeting last September 13 in Rome, has set an important  object for the Constantinian Order and its Knights: The hunger of our neighbour.

The Delegation of Emilia Romagna, which  on December 15, 2013 had signed a partnership with the Delegations of the Republic of San Marino and the Republic of Malta Order of the Constantinian Order, with great spirit of solidarity, fraternity and friendship, has collected the “request” of the Delegation of the Order of San Marino, led by Noble Dott. Claudio Marciano Scala (who is also representative for the city of Rimini)amd has  immediately been ready to help “our neighbor”.

In fact, the Regency of the Republic of San Marino helps with great efforts and sacrifices families in need and less fortunate of the Republic and, given the previous relationships between the Royal Family, the Republic of San Marino and the Constantinian Order, the Delegation of ‘Emilia Romagna wanted to contribute in a tangible way, directly and immediately, to the needs of those families who can, with this generous help, spend a different Christmas, a better Christmas.

Once the truck loaded, a large group of Knights of the Delegation has gone to S. Marino where – under the guidance of Noble  Dott. Claudio Maria Marciano Scala, which has contributed  to this initiative – has downloaded the truck and prepared gift packs to be  delivered during a ceremony to be held in the next few days in San Marino and which will see the presence of  Delegates of the Order from Emilia Romagna and San Marino – Count Alessandro Travaglini and Noble. dr. Claudio Marciano Scala – and the Regent Captains; ceremony to be attended by the Knights of the Order, the local Caritas, civil and military authorities.


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